MH370 went missing because Ben Linus moved the island? – But seriously: “Commonwealth of New Island” and where MH370 Vanished!


Editorial Article by Jim Lantern

12:00 p.m. noon Pacific Time U.S. – Thursday 30 July 2015

The Breaking News 29 July 2015 is that a part of a wing – a flaperon – of a Boeing 777 has been found on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion, which might be from MH370. Today’s news update…

This is republished, edited, and updated from an older posting – Wednesday 8 October 2014…

MH370 went missing because Ben Linus moved the island? – But seriously: “Commonwealth of New Island” and where MH370 Vanished!

Ben Linus moves the island. Suddenly, no where for the helicopter to land! Ditch in the ocean?

Previous events, crash of Flight 815 in real time…

WHAT IF a brilliant real estate scam resulted in the pilot of MH370 believing in the existence of an island, which is a detailed work of fantasy so convincing that he flew the Boeing 777 to its location . . . running out of fuel . . . found no island at the location . . . forced to ditch in the ocean?

It is possible, because where the search has been focused, there is an island that never existed!

This fact is known… 


  • The pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane which disappeared in March with 239 people on board had plotted a flight path to a remote island far into the southern Indian Ocean where the search is now focused, investigators have discovered.
  • Sources close to the investigation confirmed to The Telegraph on Sunday that a deleted flight path had been recovered from Capt Zaharie’s simulator which had been used to practice landing an aircraft on a small runway on an unnamed island in the far southern Indian Ocean.

Fox News on TV reported the recovered deleted file on the pilot’s flight simulator, shows his plan to go to a remote unnamed or unidentified island in the Southern Indian Ocean, and that he had been practicing the landing of a Boeing 777 on a very short runway!


I completed a search of the South Indian Ocean for all islands, no matter how small, and checked their locations for possible destinations.

There’s no visible island where the searchers are now focused for the new October 2014 search, and previous search areas – northwest, west, and southwest of Australia.


I found the island. See? It’s on a map. A fake but convincing map…


Including a fake satellite image from space! It is very close to the location of the final satellite “handshake” signal from MH370.


There is an island at that location!It is the most elaborate work of fiction I’ve ever seen! Including a detailed map…


Did MH370 pilot Zaharie Shah believe it to be a real island? Did he hijack MH370 to go there? Was he the victim of a scam? Did MH370 run out of fuel where he expected there to be a landing runway on an island big enough for a Bowing 777 to land at? Finding no island there, and out of fuel, did MH370 then crash into the ocean there?

I’m not claiming Lee Mothes is a scam artist. I’m stating it appears he could be a scam artist. Maybe he hasn’t made it clear that the island is an elaborate work of fiction. Maybe his intention is not to scam anyone.

Wikipedia previously had “The Commonwealth of New Island” listed as a real island. Then the existence of the island was challenged. Evidence against it resulted in the Wikipedia listing being deleted. What remains is the deletion discussion page…

If it is a scam, then here is the scam! Here is the website of the still active scam! It appears to be real, but it is all faked…

More at…

Amazing detail put into the creation of a fictional island.

Excerpt of how to pay him…

  • E-mail Lee Mothes to arrange payment via Pay Pal or send a check in US funds (made out to “Lee Mothes”) to:
  • The Commonwealth of New Island, 425 Dixon Street, Kaukauna, WI 54130 USA

More at…


  • New Island can be reached by taking passage aboard a Rudyard Line steamer.
  • The SS Charles Ames and the SS New Ireland each leave once a week from the Port of Fremantle, Western Australia. The Ames leaves every Sunday noon from Fremantle and docks at Victoria Harbor the following Tuesday at about 3 pm. The Ireland leaves every Thursday at noon, and arrives at the Putney Main Dock the following Saturday evening. Fremantle (next-door to Perth) can be easily reached by air from all points worldwide. You may call the Rudyard shipping Line Office in Fremantle for reservations…some day you’ll get through; or you can contact me.
  • Scheduled airline service via Aeroflot from Moscow and Kiev was available until 1992 when the Soviets pulled out of New Island, taking the airport facilities with them. The runways at the old airport at Vernon (outside Putney) are now maintained for emergency landings only. New Island’s Ministry of Trade is willing to hear proposals to start up scheduled passenger air service to and from Australia, Asia, Africa or beyond.

There is one other possibility, which is less likely, but I found something that hints at it.

Maybe the island is real. The scam artist found out about it, and began selling land there. Problem is, its existence has been kept secret. It is the top secret location of a U.S. military base, where nuclear weapons were tested long ago, and now the island is used as a top secret nuclear weapons base. The U.S. government ordered the Wikipedia listing be deleted. Further, that the scam listing is still listed, could mean the scam story was created by the U.S. government as a means to explain the former Wikipedia listing. If so, then possibly the U.S. military shot down MH370 as it approached the top secret island.

The owner of the fictional island: Lee Mothes, appears to be a real person…


  • Beaches, waves, and the ocean’s energy have never ceased to fascinate and enchant this artist. While growing up on the California coast, Lee spent most of his childhood on the beach, and soon began drawing beaches and waves (and imagined tsunamis and other disasters) while in grade school. He later studied art in four West Coast art programs before earning a BS Degree in Art in 1980.
  • After moving to Wisconsin in 1986, the irony of being away from the ocean compelled him to spend a lot more time painting it. Lee found that he can “be there” by painting and drawing imaginary places inspired by California and Oregon’s natural coasts.
  • In the mid-1990s his imagination expanded to a 12,600-square-mile imaginary island-nation set in the Indian Ocean, that he calls the Commonwealth of New Island. Lee soon began augmenting paintings of island landscapes with road maps, a history and cultural overview, coinage, stamps, a flag, and the platting and selling of building sites to anyone who would like to own a piece of this imaginary world.
  • Lee currently lives and works in Wisconsin and spends part of his time on coastlines observing and capturing the energy he loves.

His LinkedIn account

Maybe something was lost in translation. Zaharie Shah might not have understood the island is fictional, and believed he was buying real land.

Again, I must note, that maybe Lee Mothes didn’t intend for it to be a scam, but failed to make it clear that owners are buying fictional property.

Here is the mysterious individual who created the Wikipedia article and complained about its deletion…

“You Guys are all crazy, Wikipedia is place for knowledge, this is knowledge that is interesting to the public, that’s why I posted here, I am very mad at all of you.–Gimelthedog (talk) 00:50, 14 September 2010 (UTC)”

“This user enjoys creating Fictional Lands.”

“This user is interested in maps and mapmaking.”

“This user is Jewish.”

“This user is of Levite Jewish ancestry.”

“Gimel the dog”

  • Apr 23, 2012 – … POMEGRANATES THE PATHS 73 Now :l GimeI is the letter given to this Path. and when pronounced ~~:lGimel. The Dog is sacred to Gimel.

Gimel – Wikipedia article.

Also via Wikipedia about Gimel…

  • Yom Gimel, or simply Gimel, a day of sick leave in the Israel Defense Forces.
  • Plan Gimel (Plan C), a general military plan worked out by the Zionist paramilitary organization Haganah in 1946, before Plan Dalet.

Promised Land” – Wikipedia article.

All very interesting.

If “The Commonwealth of New Island” was not the destination of MH370, then it’s location is a bizarre coincidence.

R.I.P. victims of MH370.

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