POLL – Election 2016 Scenario – Presidential Candidates: Clinton (D) vs Bush (R) vs Trump (I)


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Posted by Jim Lantern,  10:40 a.m. Pacific Time – Wednesday – 29 July 2015

[Originally published Monday 27 July 2015]

POLL – Election 2016 Scenario – Presidential Candidates: Clinton (D) vs Bush (R) vs Trump (I)

This is to determine the impact on the election result if Donald Trump were to switch from Republican to Independent. If Trump goes Independent, then will it cost Republicans votes – more so than Democrats – to help Clinton win the election? The following poll might help to answer that. Bush is selected for Republican candidate because of current ranking in other national polls [although he has been alternating with Walker], and because of the past Clinton vs Bush history.

IF the General Election were today, and IF the Presidential Candidates are on the ballot as follows…

  • Hillary Clinton – Democrat
  • Jeb Bush – Republican
  • Donald Trump – Independent

…then who would you vote for?

Thanks for voting in this poll. It will remain open until 31 October 2015.

Personal Note:

I will NOT under any circumstances vote for Hillary Clinton. My choice comes down to Bush or Trump. I like Bush for having been a state governor. I believe former governors make the best presidents and are most qualified to be US President. Even so, I am an Independent voter (unaffiliated) and average out to be a left-leaning Centrist. I should vote for a qualified Independent candidate. I like the idea of putting a businessman in the White House instead of a normal politician. Therefore, it is a tough choice for me. I’d like to see a debate between Bush and Trump for the issues. The first Republican debate on FOX will be night of Thursday August 6th. The performance of the Top 10 GOP presidential candidates in that debate could change my mind about who would be the best US President. Meantime, today, as is, like many other Americans – US voters – I’ve had enough of “business as usual” in Washington DC. Therefore, I vote for Trump, but very reluctantly. 

~ Jim Lantern


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