Lady in Blue – “The Face of Reno”


Originally published Wednesday 1 July 2015 – Reposted 29 July 2015

Reported by Jim Lantern

Lady in Blue – “The Face of Reno”

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Lady Blue 1

Created and painted by Christina Angelina.

Lady Blue Reno Arch

The Reno Arch across North Virginia Street and “The Face of Reno” mural on south side of Whitney Peak Hotel parking garage on East Commercial Row across from Harrah’s just east of North Virginia Street.

Christina Angelina website is

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RENO, Nev. — A few weeks ago the Whitney Peak parking garage was unrecognizable and bare, today it’s a symbol for the hotel and the growing art culture in Reno.

Last month during Sculpture Fest, internationally renowned artist, Christina Angelina, spray painted a mural on the south side of the hotel’s parking garage. The piece is titled “The Face of Reno” because of its central location near the Reno arch.

Fox 11’s Gianna Giorgi described the details of the painting in the CLIP above.

The painting is Angelina’s tallest solo work so far, standing at 80-feet tall and is 35-feet wide. The masterpiece took three days to complete in 30 mph winds.

The artwork was fully commissioned by Whitney Peak hotel and the only stipulation given to the artist was to include one of the hotel’s branding elements. Angelina decided to use the iconic Whitney Peak square that is incorporated in many logos around the hotel.


This has cleared up an apparent misunderstanding about who did which murals, and now leaves one question unanswered.

I moved to Reno from Norman Oklahoma – arrived 4 May 2015. I was standing on the south side of that building admiring the mural with others from elsewhere taking pictures of it. Very popular! All making similar remarks, wondering same thing. “She looks so familiar! Who is she?” May 26 I inquired via Reno Direct email at city website. My inquiry was directed to Nate Clark at Parks, Recreation and Community Services. His reply…

“The artist that made that mural is Erik Burke: The City of Reno did not commission that piece and would not be able to put up a plaque, the business owners would be responsible. Erik is an amazing painter and has worked all over world, he has many murals around town. He often signs his work with the name OU36. The OU stands for Over Under and the 36 is Erik’s current age. The lady pictured is his lovely wife. Erik is a good friend of mine, next time I see him I’ll tell him how much you enjoyed his mural!”

Nate must have thought I was referring to the mural on the north side, done by Erik…


This explains why the south side mural is not included at Burke’s website, and why he didn’t reply to my email. He’s not the artist.

Again, I suggest – now that I know it is Whitney Peak Hotel – that they put up a sign down by the sidewalk to name the mural and identify the artist. Now I know it is named “The Face of Reno” (good name by the way), and the artist is Christina Angelina. But WHO is the lady in the image? She does look familiar, like perhaps an actress or character in a movie I’ve seen. I see in the video the artist is holding the photo of a real woman. Also, again I suggest, posters be made of it and sold – perhaps in the souvenir shop around on the other side of the building and other places in downtown Reno. Downtown Reno is in desperate need of more excellent art like that. So, I thank the artist and the hotel for doing that.


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