Monday 31 July 2215 – Breaking News: Executive Board of Boy and Girl Scouts of Earth vote to End Ban on Alien and Predator Adult Leaders!

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31 July 2215

Breaking News

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predator with boy

The National Executive Board of the Boy and Girl Scouts of Earth voted this Monday – 31 July 2215 – to end the ban on adult leaders from other planets, resolving an issue that has long divided the organization.


Considering recent events involving a number of missing scouts, the ban ended much sooner than anyone expected.

alien-queen-mother (1)

On a distant planet, the drooling Alien Queen celebrates a new source of food and for aiding the reproduction process.

predator wp1

Predators celebrate a new source of human apprentices and training targets.

alien predator chess

The leaders of the Aliens and Predators plan their next move for the future of Earth humans.


Author’s Editorial Article and Notes:

It may be described that my liberal mind is anchored in science fiction and fantasy as a science fiction author, while my conservative mind is anchored in science and reality as a political journalist. I’m very interested in political ideas in science fiction and religious ideas in science fiction. I’m especially interested in alternate history, time paradoxes, and time travel. If we humans can’t learn to accept our differences, then what will happen when we finally do encounter people from another planet – whose differences will truly be alien? Go to war with them? Or accept our differences and engage in peaceful trade? It appears to me there’s more profit in mutual acceptance.

Of course, this posting is intended to be a humorous parody of the real breaking news today – Monday 27 July 2015, about the Boy Scouts and gay adult leaders.

I’m a straight male. Most gay issues have no direct impact on my life, and therefore I’m not concerned about those – such as gay marriage. I do honestly have to wonder about the intentions of gay adult leaders to influence such young minds. I’ve seen gay managers of homeless shelters try to take advantage of homeless people in such vulnerable situations to try to convert them in return for shelter, food, and other aid. They do have an agenda to increase their numbers – more gays – for more money from supporters to support their various organizations, activities, and influence.

As a believer in the equality of men and women, I’m more in favor of combining the Boy Scouts with the Girl Scouts for a single organization supervised by a variety of adults from all walks and ways of life.

~ Jim Lantern


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