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Updated Notice 17 July 2015 to Readers of Timeglass Journal

Updated Notice 17 July 2015 to Readers of

Timeglass Journal

Part of previous edited notice: “Effective 15 July 2015 – for 10 to 14 days I will be away for health reasons. Further I could be offline until 3 August 2015 when I might buy a new Chromebook.”

Update 1: A drug that failed to work in the past, is now working, so it will not be necessary for me to be scoped again – operated on – for bleeding in my esophagus and stomach. Further, pain has subsided, so it is no longer necessary to use milk as an “old home remedy” to reduce pain and to help healing of a stomach ulcer I’ve been suffering from.

Update 2: I’ll try to push back purchase of a new Chromebook to September 3 or October 3. I might first need to buy new winter clothing in the fall for where I’m now living. I’m therefore minimizing use of my present old Chromebook in the meantime. Otherwise, writing of editorial articles will continue as of today, but fewer than usual.

Update 3: I’m eliminating Comments/Feedback at bottom of articles, and have deleted the Contact/Feedback Page, to reduce some time needed to manage my WordPress sites. Also, I no longer have time to engage in personal/social communications, but enjoyed most in the past.

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