HUMANS – New AMC TV Science Fiction Series – Begins Sunday Night 28 June 2015

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Jim Lantern reporting

Sunday 28 June 2015

HUMANS – New AMC TV Science Fiction Series

Fans participate in Comments/Feedback under this posting, or at the HUMANS Forum Board.

Also participate at the separate Forum Board for the subject of Artificial Intelligence.

Begins tonight on AMC TV – check your local TV Guide listings. The following excerpt from TV Guide is in Pacific Time Zone…


9:00 PM on AMC, 1 hour, 2015, TV-14

“The Hawkins family buy a robot servant called a Synth in the opener of this series based on a Swedish sci-fi drama. They soon begin to suspect, however, that they may be in danger from this highly-developed machine and the man in search of her.” – TV Guide.

YouTube videos…


A Look at the Series:

Other links for HUMANS…

Wikipedia Article



AMC TV website

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