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Posted by Jim Lantern

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Monday morning 8 June 2015


First Day of Summer is Sunday 21 June 2015. Already the days are becoming hot where I live – forecasted high of 92F today, a low of 60F tonight. Hot morning sun shining in through my front east window, 66F outside and 74F inside as I write this, no wind. For me it feels like 10 degrees warmer outside than what it is. I bought a small personal fan yesterday to put on my desk near me.

I didn’t feel revived after a fairly good night’s sleep. A shower massage helped some. A cup of coffee helped some. The second cup of coffee should have helped, but only warmed me up when I didn’t feel the need to be warmed up. I need a cold drink. What to fix? A Doctor Sunrise, of course!

Crushed ice in a cup or glass that will hold about 14 oz of liquid plus the crushed ice filling at least half of the cup or glass. Add about 12 oz of Dr Pepper. Then add 1 to 2 oz of orange juice – I used “Sunny D” beverage, on top – not stirred in. That’s a Doctor Sunrise.

By the way, I discovered Dr Pepper can knock down emotional depression caused by situations, as well as mental and physical depression caused by anemia and/or hypoglycemia I sometimes have – low energy. I usually get the chills with anemia, but not so this morning. Anemia from iron deficiency or a bleeding stomach ulcer, but not so this morning. No other soft drink beverage and no other kind of beverage has had that positive effect on me, making me feel revived and alive with clarity of thought. I don’t know why. I just know it works. Further, if I am having some pain from a stomach ulcer, then instead of orange juice I put 1 to 2 oz of milk on top, which I’ve named a Doctor Cow. The milk helps to reduce the pain and aid healing. Even so, it is my opinion and conclusion that Dr Pepper is the best doctor in today’s totally screwed up health care system.


Which beverages and/or foods help to improve your health or otherwise make you feel better? Answer in Comment/Feedback under this posting. Or participate at the new Lantern Timeglass Forum under the Health Category, the Beverages and Food for Thought Board, and specifically the thread I started for Doctor Sunrise.

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