Back on Track or Another New Beginning – Note to Readers of Timeglass Journal – 6 June 2015

Timeglass Journal


by Jim Lantern

9:30 a.m. PT Saturday 6 June 2015

After 7 months – 6 months in Oklahoma, first month in Nevada – the nightmare of losing my home in Norman and being forced to relocate to Reno is finally over. Arrival wasn’t a new beginning, but was a test of survival. Now that I’ve survived to pay another month of rent, and am stocked up for June, I can mark this as a new beginning, as well as getting my life back on track – or to a new kind of “normal” here in Reno.

Yesterday – Friday 5 June 2015, I decided to begin depersonalizing Timeglass Journal and The Lantern Journal under my Internet pen name Jim Lantern, to remove most personal postings – especially about my life in Norman Oklahoma during the past 7 years, and my move to Reno Nevada. I decided to create a new site for reporting personal activities and interests, as well as events here in Reno Nevada. I concluded that because of interactions with local people I should put the new site under my real name of Jim Harwood. My reasons for using my Internet pen name of Jim Lantern have otherwise not changed, will continue to be used at Timeglass Journal, The Lantern Journal, and elsewhere on the Internet. I have created a new Twitter account as Jim Harwood for use with the new WordPress site. I’m in the process of moving some personal postings from Timeglass Journal and The Lantern Journal to the new site to republish them as Jim Harwood. The new site is Soul Traveler 1956. Timeglass Journal will continue to be multi-purpose multi-subject, but as a less personalized version. Likewise, The Lantern Journal will continue mainly with editorial articles about various government and political issues in the US and around the world.

There was a 99% chance I’d become homeless and die by this date, as result of the loss of my home in Norman Oklahoma, and the loss of affordable housing for me there, as well as my bad physical health. The 1% chance of surviving got me to Reno Nevada 4 May 2015 where my relocation has now been successful after living here for a month. Hawthorn Wells, an associate via the Internet and living in Oklahoma, was to take over Timeglass Journal and The Lantern Journal if my move to Reno were to fail. That is of course not necessary now. Meantime, Hawthorn got married to Kate Winslow on June 2 at night under the full “strawberry moon” in Oklahoma. He has asked me to take over management of his WordPress site Fahrenheit 451 Journal for the rest of this month. I might stay on as a co-administrator, and then we’ll likely use it exclusively for US political issues and editorial articles about Election 2016 as it heats up to 451F. Some of the readers of that site have likely wondered if Kate Winslow-Wells is associated with Wicca. She is a Wiccan, and she had some influence on the design of that WordPress site. Also, Hawthorn is a fan of Ray Bradbury, especially of the Fahrenheit 451 movie and novel, as well as similar government theme stories like George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

On 31 May 2015, I used ProBoards Free Forums to create the Lantern Timeglass Forum to be used apart from and with some articles at Timeglass Journal and The Lantern Journal. There’s not a lot of content there yet in articles or threads started, but most of the structure is in place – more Categories and Boards might soon be created. Anyone can read it. Membership is required to post there, but that’s a very easy and quick process. If interested, please do not be afraid to post a new thread or to reply to a thread posted by another member.

As there was a brief unexpected t-shower here in Reno about 3:15 p.m. PT Friday 5 June 2015, a small EF-1 with 110 mph winds tornado hit Hawthorne Nevada to the south of Reno! A number of businesses and homes were damaged, but no injuries reported. I thought I left the tornadoes in Oklahoma’s “Tornado Alley” after moving here to Nevada. Apparently the area of potential severe storms has widened across the US – east and west as well as spreading further north – with increasing climate change this season.

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