Jim Lantern – Beyond Thunderdome – Wednesday 6 May 2015

Timeglass Journal

Jim Lantern – in Reno Nevada

11:30 a.m. Pacific Time – Wednesday 6 May 2015

Somewhere beyond Thunderdome . . . following the trail marked by Mad Max

The Reno Nevada water has an odd flavor, but at least it has improved my vision – I grew an extra eye during the night. Or maybe that’s the delayed result of passing through the radiation in Denver on the Greyhound Bus and having food at the station there. With any luck, I’ll also grow a third arm and third leg, then start having fond memories of Mars. Cold morning here at 42F. With the thin high altitude mountain air, it’s kinda like Mars during the really warm summers there – when hot Martian women are wearing their trikini swimsuits at the dune beach. It is obvious that some of the women I’ve seen here are not from Earth. “Area 51” is here in Nevada – 382 miles southeast of Reno, 135 miles northwest of Las Vegas – a popular interstellar tourist destination.

Earlier today – 6:30 a.m. PT:

Second full day in Reno Nevada begins.

I survived the trip here, first night, and first full day. Now for the next magic act, surviving to June 3, paying June rent. If I can do so one more time on July 3 for July to August 3, then my relocation has been successful. Shelter problem solved. Now focus is on food and basic needs.

Had slight fever with stomach ulcer pain last night. Knocked it down with 1 Excedrin, 1 Tylenol, and a cup of milk, then slept well after that. Feeling fairly good this morning, except for something irritating my sinuses.

Feels like my biological clock has made the time zone adjustment from Central Time to Pacific Time sooner than expected.

I’m headed to the 7-Eleven this hour, about a mile away, should take a half hour at most. If the prices for MW oven sandwiches are same there as they are in Norman Oklahoma then I’ll know I can make my limited budget work here.

Rain next 2-3 days, and then I’ll try the 3 miles trek to the nearest major grocery store.

[Application for Nevada medical coverage (Medicaid) used with Medicare coverage, plus SNAP food stamps, done online in advance. Awaiting contact from Nevada case worker – could be 2-3 weeks from now.]

Note – Appropriately, I’ll be watching Survivor on CBS TV tonight – 8:00 p.m. here in Pacific Time Zone.

9:44 a.m. PT:

Walk to 7-Eleven began 6:45 – got there about 7:15 – a 30 minutes walk in my present condition. I shopped for 15 minutes, doing a lot of careful looking around and checking prices at the 7-Eleven. Walk back took about 30 minutes. Felt cold walking over there, a bit too warm walking back in the direct sunlight with a heavy load in my shoulder-strap travel bag to carry the groceries and general supplies.

By the way, the Reno Police Station is about 2 blocks west of the 7-Eleven between northwest corner of 2nd and High, just east of the Truckee River. My walk from home to 7-Eleven is 4 blocks south, then about 5 blocks east. The new city bus terminal is just a block south of where I live. There’s a foreign-owned market across the street from it, where I went yesterday for a few items, slightly expensive but not as expensive as the nearby foreign-owned stores I went to first night here.

Much to my surprise, the Oklahoma SNAP EBT card works at the 7-Eleven. I wasn’t sure if 7-Eleven here accepted SNAP EBT of Nevada, less sure about Oklahoma. My former OKDHS case worker believed the OK SNAP EBT card would work in all 50 states but wasn’t sure. Now I know it works in Nevada. Very special thanks to OKDHS for coverage through May until I can get covered by Nevada for SNAP and Medicaid starting in June. Very grateful. Gives me a better chance of surviving the first month here.

The 7-Eleven store is now key to my long term survival here for food and certain general supplies because of their surprisingly low prices. Dollar sandwiches – I can have cold or microwave at my new home. I expected supplies like paper towels to cost more, but are same as most normal big grocery stores. It is walking distance for me.

The nearest major grocery store is 3 miles away – I’ll try that Friday or Saturday – rain and t-storms forecasted for here this afternoon through early Friday. I need to get familiar with the city bus system – the new terminal being only one block from my home. I don’t know cost and routes yet.

Local weather, hourly forecast: http://www.weather.com/weather/hourbyhour/l/USNV0076:1:US

Local weather radar: http://www.weather.com/weather/map/interactive/l/USNV0076:1:US

The small motel I’m at, is owned and managed by an American couple about my age. I like them – good people. It is managed more like studio apartments than like a motel, although nightly and weekly rooms are available. Most of the guests here are monthly tenants ages about 25 to 65. It has turned out to be a good deal and the right choice for me. A better deal than I had at Bishop’s Landing Apartments in Norman, by being a furnished kitchenette for $575 instead of an unfurnished 1-bedroom for $585 per month. All utilities paid at both. Cable TV here includes HBO. The free Wi-Fi works good here. Another difference, security is excellent security at this small 26 rooms motel. The owner wears a gun, and has dogs. Also, with the Reno Police station just a few blocks away,the police keep good eyes on this neighborhood.

Although I still have bronchial asthma, breathing is easier at the higher altitude. Pain from stomach ulcers continues to be the only major noticeable health problem at this time. However, milk and chicken soup helps to knock down the pain and aids healing. Anxiety and depression is much less now that I know I can survive here. I might die from a bleeding stomach ulcer soon, but at least I’ll die happy by having a good new home.

The homeless population is greater here than anywhere I’ve lived or visited, or certainly more noticeable. I shouldn’t complain because I nearly became one of them – again – would have been the third time in my life – and mainly because of bad health each time – although the situation is slightly different this time with loss of affordable housing Norman Oklahoma. Another thing I noticed is the surprising number of homeless who have a dog with them. Homeless men and women, who carry surprisingly huge backpacks or pushing carts carrying belongings, and led by a big dog on a leash. I wonder if a few of them have become homeless because of loss of money from gambling, and have been addicted to gambling.

Through many dangers, toils and snares
I have already come;
‘Tis Grace that brought me safe thus far
and Grace will lead me home.
– John Newton, Amazing Grace lyrics.

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