Journey to Reno Nevada Begins – High Noon Saturday 2 May 2015 – with some Travel Music

Journey to Reno Nevada Begins – High Noon Saturday 2 May 2015

Jim Lantern

Timeglass Journal


This is a “Scheduled Posting” (to be automatically published) at 6:00 a.m. CT Saturday 2 May 2015. This is my final Saturday morning in Norman Oklahoma. This is likely to be my final posting from my apartment in Norman. This is being written in advance (earlier in the week on Tuesday April 28) because I might not have time to do any postings on Saturday morning before I depart.

My health has improved enough to be able to complete the journey.

My journey to Reno Nevada begins . . . not when the Greyhound Bus leaves Norman at the scheduled 1:15 p.m. CT . . . but when I walk out through the front doorway of my apartment, close the door behind me, and start walking over to the Phillips 66 station where I’ll catch the bus. I’m using my old and barely usable bicycle like a cart to carry my one suitcase and one shoulder-strap travel bag. I’ll abandon the bicycle by the trash dumpster at the station, kind of like the used first stage of a rocket. I don’t want to stress my back with the weight of the shoulder-strap travel bag while walking over there. Plenty of opportunity to do that during the three transfers en route, and then I’ll be walking at least a mile upon arrival 7:50 a.m. PT Monday May 4. Likewise, the suitcase, even though it is the kind with the two little wheels and telescoping handle.

I’ll have my Chromebook with me, but unlikely I’ll be able to access the Internet during the journey – unless there is free Wi-Fi at the transfer stations.

There is some anxiety about this . . . adventure. The greatest anxiety is about getting from my apartment to the local bus stop, about a mile. There is anxiety about the transfers en route as passengers have to move their own luggage from bus to bus. There could be some danger at the transfer stations, especially Dallas and Denver. Hopefully the security is good there. Also some anxiety about my health during the journey. I feel the least anxiety about what will happen to me after I arrive in Reno Monday morning May 4. There’s always some risk when moving to a far away place. That’s why “adventure” is partly defined as being a risky undertaking. Worth it, because this kind of adventure could save my life and give me a new beginning with a chance for better health and an affordable place to live. I’ll have access to the money for it as of morning of Friday May 1. I’ve already purchased the bus ticket in 21 days in advance for the 50% discount. I’ll not be broke upon arrival. I’ll have enough money to live on to June 3 – next direct deposit of Social Security Disability benefits. I’ll open a new bank account in Reno for that.

Travel schedule…

Norman Oklahoma to Reno Nevada

Trip Time and Distance:

1 day, 20 hours, 35 minutes.

From Central Time Zone to Pacific Time Zone.

Total trip miles: 2160.

Actual distance in miles from Norman to Reno: 1262.

Distance in additional miles via Greyhound Bus: 898.

Includes 3 transfers. Passengers are required to move their luggage from one bus to another during transfers, and to keep all luggage with them while waiting in stations for transfers.

Dallas is the first transfer and longest wait of 2 hours 35 minutes at about dinnertime Saturday.

The second transfer location during the trip is the Denver station for 1 hour at about lunchtime Sunday.

The third and final transfer location is the Salt Lake City station for 35 minutes just before midnight Sunday.

Saturday May 2nd:

Oklahoma Departure…
(START) – NORMAN, OK 01:15 PM Central Time Zone – GLI 7327
Texas Odyssey…
DALLAS, TX 04:25 PM Central Time Zone – (TRANSFER) – GLI 7327  -2 hours 35 minutes at Dallas station…
(TRANSFER) – DALLAS, TX 07:00 PM – GLI 7308
FT WORTH, TX 07:40 PM 07:50 PM :10 – GLI 7308
RS FLYING J, TX 09:40 PM 09:55 PM :15 – GLI 7308
WICHITA FALLS, TX 10:00 PM 10:05 PM :05 – GLI 7308
VERNON, TX 10:50 PM 10:50 PM – GLI 7308
CHILDRESS, TX 11:50 PM 11:50 PM – GLI 7308

Sunday May 3rd:

AMARILLO, TX 01:50 AM 03:05 AM 1:15 – GLI  7308
DUMAS, TX 03:55 AM 03:55 AM – GLI 7308
New Mexico…
CLAYTON, NM 04:40 AM Mountain Time Zone 04:40 AM – GLI 7308
RATON, NM 06:10 AM 06:10 AM – GLI 7308
TRINIDAD, CO 06:35 AM 07:05 AM :30 – GLI 7308
PUEBLO, CO 08:35 AM 08:40 AM :05 – GLI 7308
COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 09:25 AM 09:35 AM :10 – GLI 7308
DENVER, CO 11:05 AM Mountain Time Zone – (TRANSFER) – GLI 7308 – 1 hour at Denver station…
(TRANSFER) – DENVER, CO 12:05 PM – GLI 1343
DENVER AMTRAK STA, CO 12:10 PM 12:10 PM – GLI 1343
FT COLLINS (E), CO 01:10 PM 01:10 PM – GLI 1343
CHEYENNE, WY 01:55 PM Mountain Time Zone 02:05 PM :10 – GLI 1343
LARAMIE, WY 03:00 PM 03:15 PM :15 – GLI  1343
RAWLINS (E), WY 04:55 PM 04:55 PM – GLI 1343
ROCK SPRINGS, WY 06:50 PM 07:20 PM :30 – GLI 1343
EVANSTON, WY 09:00 PM 09:10 PM :10 – GLI 1343
SALT LAKE CITY, UT 10:40 PM Mountain Time (TRANSFER) – GLI 1343 – 35 minutes at Salt Lake City station…

Monday May 4th:

Nevada Destination…
WENDOVER (E), NV 01:15 AM Pacific Time Zone 01:30 AM :15 – GLI 1347
ELKO, NV 02:25 AM 02:30 AM :05 – GLI 1347
BATTLE MOUNTAIN, NV 03:45 AM 04:00 AM :15 – GLI 1347
WINNEMUCCA, NV 04:55 AM 05:00 AM :05 – GLI 1347
LOVELOCK, NV 06:15 AM 06:15 AM – GLI 1347
(END) – RENO, NV 07:50 AM Pacific Time Zone (END) – GLI 1347

…End of Trip Schedule.

Here’s some travel music…


…And Beyond…



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