Craving for Ice is a known SYMPTOM of Anemia, and by Domino Effect Cycle a CAUSE of and from Bleeding Stomach Ulcers!

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Special Report about a Health Issue, by Jim Lantern

Craving for Ice is a known SYMPTOM of Anemia, and by Domino Effect Cycle a CAUSE of and from Bleeding Stomach Ulcers!

12:00 p.m. CT Monday 27 April 2015

[This is a slightly shorter and slightly less personalized version of an earlier posting.]

This past weekend, I made an amazing discovery about a previously unknown cause of my bad health.

My addiction to crushed ice.

A craving for ice is a known symptom of iron deficiency anemia, which I have.

My body uses up iron faster than it can take it in. Also, anemia from some occasional bleeding in my esophagus and especially my stomach from ulcers. Well, guess what. The ice addiction is one of the causes.

My excessive consumption of crushed ice lowers my body temperature from a normal 98.6F to one degree lower at 97.6F, as well as causing a lower temperature in my esophagus and stomach. Fever, a body temperature above normal, is actually a defense against some kinds of bacteria and viruses. Heat kills them. Otherwise, they thrive in a cooler environment.

My ice addiction initially came from iron deficiency anemia as a symptom.

Lowering temperature made it possible for Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria to thrive in my esophagus and stomach, resulting in ulcers. When the ulcers bleed, the anemia gets worse, and then the craving for crushed ice increases, causing the problem to go full circle.

No doubt, there are other causes and triggers, with various symptoms, but ice addiction is the main one in my case.

To break the cycle, or at least reduce it, I have to give up cold beverages and ice – to no longer consume them alone. I can have one cool drink if with a hot meal. It is better to just drink water at room temperature or otherwise between warm and cool.

Further, to help compensate for the iron deficiency anemia I’m taking one iron table each morning with breakfast.

Read more at the longer version of this posting…

Walking away from the edge of death: Domino Effect – Anemia, Crushed Ice Addiction, Stomach Ulcers, Fever, Bacteria and Viruses

Recently added to that previous report, another cause…

Another CAUSE of internal bleeding in my esophagus and stomach is Excedrin – containing Acetaminophen, Aspirin, and Caffeine. It is the Aspirin that causes the bleeding. Problem is, Excedrin is the ONLY pain reliever that consistently and effectively stops my migraine headaches after an attack begins. So the internal bleeding can be a SYMPTOM of the impact of Aspirin, in a domino effect – chain reactions. I now know it involves MSGs – Monosodium Glutamates as a CAUSE and/or TRIGGER. My favorite snack of all time, Doritos Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla Chips, contains MSG. I never made the connection until many years after it began. I began to get migraine headaches in January 1975 when I began eating those chips. Now, eliminating all foods with MSG has helped to reduced the frequency and intensity of my migraine headaches. I still get them, but not as often, and not as severe, and apparently from other CAUSES or TRIGGERS.

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