Special Announcement: Timeglass Journal and The Lantern Journal moving to Nevada!

Timeglass Journal and The Lantern Journal

Jim Lantern

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – My Escape – I’m going west – way way west!

4:44 p.m. CT Friday 10 April 2015

TIMEGLASS JOURNAL and THE LANTERN JOURNAL geographical headquarters will soon be moving to NEVADA! 

I’ll be switching from Cox Internet Broadband – my Chromebook presently connected to Ethernet and modem, to a Wi-Fi service in the RENO-SPARKS area.

It’s a long trip from Norman, Oklahoma, where I’ve been living for 7 years. I’ll go offline here and leave on a Saturday, arrive the following Monday, and should be online at destination by next day Tuesday.

The apartments complex where I’ve lived since 3 May 2008 has been sold, and will soon be bulldozed for a new massive high-rise apartment building with a parking garage, for which apartment rent will be much higher. Of those apartment complexes still within my budget, there is a new minimum income rule, which shuts me out – along with low-wage workers, part-time workers, retired seniors living only on Social Security retirement, and others like me who are presently surviving on disability benefits. The loss of affordable housing here has forced me to look to other cities in other states. During the past 4 months, my search failed, and I discovered the situation to be as bad as here or worse than here. Then a tip from a USA Today journalist led to a jaw-dropping discovery. One of the last places I’d have expected to find affordable housing, but the published low rates are undeniable. I have at least six options to choose from. Initially, I’ll stay at a surprising low weekly or monthly rate motel near the Greyhound Bus station, as a base from which I’ll be able to look at apartment complexes I can afford. In fact the rent is so low it might not be necessary for me to get on food stamps there. I’ll be able to live off of my disability money alone. I will need to get on the local medical coverage that goes with my Medicare coverage.

Another reason for moving there is more doctors (MD) there than here who are still accepting new patients covered by Medicare. Here, doctors (MD) have been dumping their Medicare patients. My (former) doctor (MD) dumped me, and it has nearly cost me my life. I’m surviving on “old home remedies” and nonprescription meds. Moving to Nevada could save my life, result in improved health – enough to possibly become well enough again to work for a while – get off of Social Security disability – work until going on Social Security retirement there. It is a good place to retire to. Further, the climate, the environment there, will be better for me. The “Comfort Index” is 75. The US average is 44. Higher = better. For comparison, where I am now, Norman in Oklahoma, the “Comfort Index” is only 27 – so low it is amazing I’m still alive. Data from Sperling’s Best Places.

As a former motel manager and hotel night auditor, I shouldn’t have any trouble fitting in there.

Politically, Nevada has been known to be a “swing state” – a “purple” state. However, it has been “going blue” and leaning toward the political left. Politically, I’m more likely to encounter more people like me in Nevada than here in Oklahoma. I’m an Independent voter. According to the World’s Smallest Political Quiz result, I’m a Centrist. I’m slightly left of center but still within the Centrist square on the result page. I do consider myself to be a Left-leaning Centrist. I average out to be Centrist by agreeing with Liberal Democrats on most but not all personal and social issues, while agreeing with Conservative Republicans on most but not all economic and government issues. I believe I’m likely to encounter more people like me in Nevada than I have here in Oklahoma, a traditionally “red” Republican state – although now with a greater number of registered voters who are Democrats. The local city council is about 50/50, but leans right even with a mayor who is a Democrat. One Democrat and one Republican voted to save the apartments complex where I live. The others approved the sale and razing, as well as other action resulting in it becoming increasingly difficult or impossible for low-income people to live in Norman.

It has been explained to me that one of the reasons for the affordable housing oasis and low cost of living with better health care . . .  is so that residents and tourists will have more money for gambling in the casinos. I would have expected them to target high-income people . . . but apparently there is no discrimination of that kind there. I’ll believe it when I see it, and I’ll see it soon. Gambling? My life. If I were to stay here in Norman, I’d become homeless and die here. By going to Nevada, I’ll have a good chance not only of surviving but also of improving my life.

A new adventure is about to begin!

~ Jim Lantern, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome


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