The Hammerhead Aliens: Sirian Star Light Connection

Thanks for link and discovery of your writing about this subject of mutual interest.


Last night I was visited by a women with a hammerhead face, this was very strange to me because I have witness many visitations both in dreams and real-time but never one with a hammerhead/anvil shaped face. When I think about how this time the veil is very thin leading up to October 31, 2014 (Samhain)- do not be surprise as to what beings may walk through the portals and be very mindful that we are between to eclipses: October 08 (Lunar) and October 23 (Solar).

Just who was this spiritual being remains a mystery but one clue may be a story written by someone who also had a visitation by a hammerhead alien last June 2014 .

“There was one night, when I had an unusual vivid dream. In the dream, I awakened on an exam table, surrounded by unusual creatures. They looked like a cross between or combination…

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