For Music Monday 9 March 2015: ZZ Top’s LEGS – Funny Music Video with Very Hot Legs!

This first music video has a very funny ending…

More hot legs you’ll not find at KFC…

Timeglass Journal and Fahrenheit 451 Journal

Burning Down the Internet for Music Monday – March 9, 2015 – in All 24 Time Zones!

Presented by Hawthorn Wells, Oklahoma City, USA, Third Rock from Sun

Salma Hayek has legs, and knows how to use them in From Dusk till Dawn performing After Dark by Tito & Tarantula…


ABBA with legs all the way to the moon…

Alison Goldfrapp…

Anastasia Sokolova performing on Ukraine Got Talent

Chris Isaak and Laetitia Casta…

Don’t worry! If these music videos have been too hot for you, then maybe the time you spent watching them will count as time already served in hell so you can go directly to heaven!

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