CBS TV “Survivor: Worlds Apart” Season 30 Episode 1 – Review 26 February 2015


CBS TV “Survivor: Worlds Apart”

Season 30 Episode 1

Review 26 February 2015

by Jim Lantern

Timeglass Journal


[Note: You can’t change your vote if you later change your mind.]

Which Survivor Worlds Apart group would you be in?

From which Survivor Worlds Apart group do you predict the winner will come from?

Episode 1 “It’s Survivor Warfare” – Broadcast 25 February 2015

It did not surprise me when the White Collar – Masaya Tribe – chosen leaders (Joaquin and So) chose to be dishonest, while the leaders of the other two tribes chose to be honest – regarding the choice between getting more beans or getting a clue for the location of the hidden immunity idol.

It did not surprise me the White Collar team lost the first Reward + Immunity Challenge. It did surprise me the Blue Collar team – Escameca Tribe – nearly lost it, and then came in second. It surprised me how well the No Collar team – Nagarote Tribe – did and that they won the main reward + immunity.

I shouldn’t be surprised the White Collar team could not make fire. I was shocked that a member of the No Collar team so easily made fire – Joe Anglim, who is now my first choice for winning Survivor 30. Previous to this first episode, my first choice was Mike on the Blue Collar team.

I’m disappointed by the serious internal conflict within the Blue Collar team, and was surprised by it. I’m not surprised by the mild internal conflict within the No Collar team – Vince having focused on Jenn, forgetting why he is there, and becoming jealous of and concerned about Joe. At least it didn’t interfere with the reward + immunity challenge. If Vince can’t get on track, then of the No Collar team he should be first to be voted out.

Same as before the first episode, I still predict the White Collar team will be first to bite the dust – will be totally eliminated after the merge. I believe the surviving Blue Collar and No Collar members will work well together to knock off the White Collar members. Then, which team survives – Blue Collar or No Collar – will depend on which team has the most members. Before this first episode, I predicted it would be the Blue Collar team. Now I believe it will be the No Collar team.

Episode 1, first to be voted out: So Kim – Masaya, White Collar.

List of Survivor Worlds Apart contestants:
(Contestant, Location from, Original tribe)

  • Joe Anglim
    25, Scottsdale, Arizona – Nagarote
  • Jenn Brown
    22, Long Beach, California – Nagarote
  • Lindsey Cascaddan
    24, College Park, Florida – Escameca
  • Max Dawson
    37, Topanga, California – Masaya
  • Dan Foley
    47, Gorham, Maine – Escameca
  • Hali Ford
    25, San Francisco, California – Nagarote
  • Tyler Fredrickson
    33, Los Angeles, California – Masaya
  • Mike Holloway
    38, North Richland Hills, Texas – Escameca
  • So Kim – VOTED OUT Episode 1
    31, Long Beach, California – Masaya
  • Rodney Lavoie Jr.
    24, Boston, Massachusetts – Escameca
  • Shirin Oskooi
    31, San Francisco, California – Masaya
  • Nina Poersch
    51, Palmdale, California – Nagarote
  • Kelly Remington
    44, Grand Island, New York – Escameca
  • Carolyn Rivera
    52, Tampa, Florida – Masaya
  • Will Sims II
    41, Sherman Oaks, California – Nagarote
  • Vince Sly
    32, Santa Monica, California – Nagarote
  • Joaquin Souberbielle
    27, Valley Stream, New York – Masaya
  • Sierra Dawn Thomas
    27, Roy, Utah – Escameca

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