Timeglass Journal – Subject Forum: Origin of Human Life on Earth – Space Alien Colonies Theory


Subject Forum: Origin of Human Life on Earth – Space Alien Colonies Theory

This is the theory that all human life on Earth originated on other inhabited planets. This may explain the different human races – having originated on different planets – against the belief people of different skin colors originated from the same parents such as the biblical Adam and Eve. Aliens – people – humans from those different planets established colonies on planet Earth. Some Mormons believe this. Glen A. Larson, a Mormon, who created the original TV series Battlestar Galactica, based some some background of that TV series on those actual Mormon beliefs. An interstellar cataclysm or interstellar war resulted in the Earth colonies becoming isolated and perhaps forgotten. Local disasters resulted in the Earth colonies losing their technology and being knocked back to a “stone age” level of civilization, barely surviving.

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