What happens to your soul if you travel 2000 light-years to another inhabited planet and die there?


What happens to your soul if you travel 2000 light-years to another inhabited planet and die there?

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern

Posted Wednesday 21 January 2015

So the questions asked – by a concerned person about to sign up for a job on an expedition to a planet further away than ever reached before: “What happens to our souls if we travel to a far-away inhabited planet and die there? Are our souls sent back to our home world to ascend with our own kind? Or will our alien souls ascend with the native souls of that distant planet? Assuming we ascend, which heaven? Whose heaven? Same heaven for all? Or will our souls become trapped on that planet, wandering endlessly there like ghosts? Or might we be reincarnated – our souls born into the world of the native people there? If so, in their bodies, with their brains and minds, will we be able to remember our alien past – from memories carried within our souls? If so, might we then be able to return to our home world, in their life form, aboard one of their starships?” Many others had the same or similar questions. All were reasonable concerns. It happened about 40,000 years ago. Destination? The planet they named Mirandus. The planet we know by a different name. Earth. We have found the aliens, and some of them are us!

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