Soul Travelers: Just Visiting this Planet – Article by Jim Lantern


Soul Travelers: Just Visiting This Planet

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Editorial Article by Jim Lantern

Updated 22 April 2015 and 7 July 2015

Image of a soul traveler…

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“Beam my soul to Earth!”

Soul travel between inhabited planets. Imagine the possibility! You leave your physical body on your home planet. Your soul gets sent on a beam of light or by other means across the universe to another inhabited planet, where it is born into the life of that world. After completing your visit there, such as for a whole lifetime ending in physical death, your soul returns to its home world. There it is returned to its original physical body that was saved in cold sleep hibernation, or you are born into a new body on your home world.

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It is unlikely we will anytime in the near future develop faster-than-light means of space travel, such as Star Trek’s warp drive or Stargate’s worm holes.


Conventional space ship voyages between inhabited planets of different star systems is not practical. Distances are too great, so it would take too long to voyage to and return from other inhabited or inhabitable planets. During such a long voyage, if undertaken, the crew and passengers would have to be placed in hibernation chambers. Otherwise, they would need to carry vast amounts of air, water, food, and other needed supplies for such a long voyage. It could take more than one lifetime just to reach an inhabited or inhabitable planet of another star system, and so “generation ships” would be needed. The voyagers would have to be shielded from radiation in space. They would need to exercise frequently to help reduce loss of bone and muscle mass.

Remember the ending of the War of the Worlds science fiction novel and movies. The invading Martians “succumbed to pathogenic bacteria, to which they have no immunity.” Upon arrival on another inhabited or inhabitable planet, Earth humans would not likely have immunity to bacteria and viruses originating on that alien world. Water and air would have to be purified. Even the kind of pollen in the air on an alien world from alien plants could get into unfiltered Earth human lungs and cause fatal allergies and asthma attacks, perhaps going into anaphylactic shock resulting in death. Other differences in environment, such as atmospheric pressure and temperature, could make it impossible for Earth humans to live out in the open without special environmental suits.

Another problem, visiting another planet inhabited by intelligent life forms similar to Earth humans, but not human like us, could be major differences in language or how the people of that world communicate with each other. Also, education, kind and level of intelligence, morals, laws, religion, day to day living, vast cultural differences, etc. Get the picture? We might not fit in very well with their world.

We in Earth human form have trouble accepting our own differences on Earth, frequently engaging in bloody violent conflicts because of such differences. What is acceptable in one culture or community might not be acceptable in another culture or community. Just look at what is exposed at night under the light of the full moon as it goes around planet Earth. What will happen when we finally meet real space aliens who are significantly different than us, whose ways of life are truly alien? If we cannot accept our own differences, then how can we accept the differences between us and people of another planet? Will such differences lead to an interstellar war, or peaceful trade?

We have found the aliens, and they are us. We are all just visiting this planet. That which we truly are is spiritual. The body we live in is like a car, and the driver is the human soul. We come to Earth in spiritual form from the spiritual universe. We use a body, which has been designed to be able to live in the environment of this world, while visiting this world. When we are finished, the physical body is no longer needed and we spiritually return to where we came from.

Consider for proof and weight of the human soul.


Imagine the possibility of not needing a star ship to travel between inhabited planets. What if it is possible to remove the human soul without causing the death of the physical body? The body is placed into a long term cold sleep hibernation chamber. The human soul is removed and sent over a beam of light or by other means to a distant inhabited planet, like sending a message on a beam of light. The human soul is received there, and then placed into an alien body. It could be a fully developed adult alien body, or it might be necessary for the human soul to be born into an alien baby – to then grow up on the alien planet – to naturally learn the language and culture of that world. You then have the right kind of physical body to be able to function in the environment and culture of the alien world. The next step is to restore your Earth human memories. You can’t bring physical cargo with you for trade, but you can bring knowledge with you for trade. Knowledge is power and has great value worth trading for. They learn from you, and you learn from them. Finally, after a lifetime there, your soul is returned by light beam or other means to Earth, where you are placed back into your original body after it is removed from hibernation. Or you are born into a new body. You have brought back to Earth with you in the memories of your soul the knowledge you gained while living on the alien world. That is soul travel.

The basic idea of Soul Travelers could easily be made into a science fiction movie or even a TV series. It could be done on a low budget like The Blair Witch Project movie, or the short series The Booth at the End, and filmed in much the same way. No expensive special effects would be required. A number of alien souls have been beamed to Earth and placed into Earth human bodies. They remember who they are, what they are, and where they came from. They have brought important knowledge with them, which could change life on Earth. The focus would be on dialog interaction between characters, involving serious drama, mixed with some humor associated with the differences between Earth humans and the people where the alien souls came from. Knowledge is power. Knowledge has value. When and where money is involved there is corruption and political interests. Who will benefit from the alien knowledge brought to planet Earth? How will the Soul Travelers be treated by Earth humans with normal souls? Out of all of that, many stories are possible!

The similar subject of the “migration of souls” is not new to science fiction. It was an important subject of the 1998 TV movie Babylon 5: In the Beginning, in which the Minbari discover some Earth humans have reincarnated Minbari souls.

With a bit of humor, we may speculate that some science fiction authors might have the souls of ancient aliens, and that in some of their stories they are actually writing about remembered history without realizing it to be at least partly true. Perhaps the black monoliths in the 2001: A Space Odyssey novel and 1968 movie were actually the interstellar gateways and star ships of ancient aliens who visited this planet. Arthur C. Clarke wrote in the 1982 novel 2010: Odyssey Two, “All we can imagine is probably not half as crazy as the truth.” Of that there is no doubt.

Glen A. Larson, a Mormon, created Battlestar Galactica and based some of its content on actual Mormon beliefs. Those beliefs might tie in with the claims of ancient aliens in the “Chariots of the Gods?” book by Erich von Däniken. Also, in the TV series Ancient Aliens on The History Channel.


Originally published 1 May 2013 – Republished 21 January 2015, for use with republication of 3 science fiction stories partly related to this subject.

Those stories are a trilogy – each one as a complete story, and all three as a complete story. They are included in my full-length science fiction novel, free to read…

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