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THE DALLAS ENCOUNTER – Top Secret Government Document – Project Timeglass (Erotic Science Fiction by Jim Lantern – Free to Read)

We have found the aliens, and they are us!

Warning: Adults Only – Erotic Science Fiction Novella


If you want to skip the Forward and Introduction (although I recommend you read them), you may go directly to the story parts…

The password to access story parts is: clockwork 







The Klingons of the Star Trek universe are known to engage in mating rituals they consider to be very intense, and are considered by some Earth humans to violent. Even so, quite mild – compared to a unique group of humans who have the reincarnated souls of aliens from a distant world. They are known to meet at a secret nightclub in Dallas, Texas. By day, the Merchants Clubs are known to be health clubs for exercise. At night, a different kind of exercise, with some members engaging in erotic, kinky, sexual acts, various B-D-S-M activities. A special clockwork agent of Project Timeglass within the National Security Agency of the United States Government has been assigned the job of keeping an eye on them. The Dallas branch of the international chain of Merchants Clubs has become the U.S. headquarters. The amount of money being taken in worldwide is in the billions of dollars. After all, “sex sells” as the old saying goes. The money has a purpose: Build a starship and return home, in human form. Many years ago, I met a few of them in Dallas. They generously allowed me to interview them for this story. Lucky me, they have a sense of humor – albeit a bit space-warped. 

Author’s Note: For convenience of readers, this title page with the Forward, Introduction, and a significant amount of other information for readers, which I recommend you read first, is NOT Password Protected. The five parts of this short novella – links to the 5 parts you’ll find at the bottom of this posting – are Password Protected. The Password is: clockwork







Timeglass Science Fiction



Alternate History


Psychological Erotic Romance

with a twist of

Adult Humor



Jim Lantern



WARNING! This story contains some explicit sexual content. ADULTS ONLY.


Short Novella ~ about 20,000 words

© Copyright 2015 by Jim Lantern, Timeglass Science Fiction

All Rights Reserved

No part of this story may be copied and shared without the written approval of the author or publisher. Contact via Twitter @TimeglassZone

The story herein is a work of fiction, including characters, events, and locations. However, from the perspective of characters, this story includes observations and mentions of real people, events, and locations. Beliefs and views presented herein are from the perspective of fictional characters, and do not necessarily represent the beliefs and views of the author.





science fiction authors

Arthur C. Clarke

Robert A. Heinlein

and especially

Spider Robinson

for his series of novels about

Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon

from which I was greatly inspired!




We have found the aliens, and they are us!

In the Star Trek universe, Klingons engaging in violent mating rituals with pain sticks are nothing compared to what these aliens do to each other in the Timeglass universe. Such as use of a Mercatorian wedding blood ritual knife.

“If you can’t take a little bloody nose, maybe you ought to go back home and crawl under your bed. It’s not safe out here. It’s wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it’s not for the timid.” ~ Q, in the Star Trek the Next Generation TV series,

“Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.” ~ Doctor McCoy, in the Star Trek 2009 movie.

“All we can imagine is probably not half as crazy as the truth.” ~ Arthur C. Clarke in the novel 2010: Odyssey Two.

“When you come to the end of all the light you know, and it’s time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: Either you will be given something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly.” ~ Edward Teller




I was born in March 1956. My first profession, spanning 10 years from 1976 to 1986, included running night and weekend service calls to repair pinball games, video games, and juke boxes at bars [age 18 or older] and clubs [age 21 or older]. One night I had a service call to repair the jukebox at a nightclub having some kind of theme night party. Many of the members were dressed in black leather outfits making it look like an interest in kinky sex and B-D-S-M activities. Although some of them were, most of them were actually members of a motorcycle club. I recall thinking, these people look like they are from another planet. With that thought came one of the basic ideas for The Dallas Encounter science fiction novella, as a kind of bizarre psychological erotic romance, with a twist of adult humor, to be about humans who have the reincarnated souls of aliens who died on this planet during a long ago expedition. Some of this comes from actual interviews of people in the adult scene of B-D-S-M and other kinky sex activities, most of which was done via the Internet several years ago. However, while on the service call, I met a young lady, who with other members there, was into B-D-S-M, especially erotic spanking. She told me she is a “switch” who likes to give and receive. I had the opportunity to interview her at another location and time after the service call at that nightclub. Mel Brooks included B-D-S-M with a spanking scene in the movie High Anxiety, mainly for humor. I chose to use “adult spanking” as the least extreme B-D-S-M option, and put it into a romantic setting as erotic spanking with some humor in this story. I’ve updated the links in this posting, but if some don’t work [like music videos removed from YouTube] then search for their titles via Google Search.

The music video of Hurts So Good by John Mellencamp reminds me of some of what I encountered during the service call to repair a jukebox at the unusual nightclub. It also presents a theme about how some kinds of pain can become pleasure, almost an alien concept, especially how the use some kinds of pain inflicted in the right way and right place can be used to enhance sexual pleasure.

Click on the following links to watch the music videos at YouTube. If any of the links are broken or videos removed, please let me know via Twitter @TimeglassZone


Madonna, the famous singer, made use of one of the variations of the subject of erotic spanking for her music video titled Hanky Panky


…It’s a song from Madonna’s 1990 soundtrack album I’m Breathless—Inspired by the movie Dick Tracy—a song about the kind of spanking that she likes, which is known as erotic spanking. I remember when Madonna presented the subject, and talked about her interest and participation in it, on the Arsenio Hall show way back in 1990…


The use of pain to enhance sexual pleasure might sound like an alien concept in fiction, but the reality is there are humans who engage in erotic spanking as well as other BDSM and kinky sex activities. When in history and where on this planet it all began is not certain. I present the idea that maybe it originally did come from aliens who visited this planet during a long ago expedition. To learn more about the subject of erotic spanking, click on the following link to read the Wikipedia article…

Erotic Spanking

I suspect Christina Aguilera, another famous singer, who became friends with and has worked with Madonna, learned about the subject from Madonna, and then made use of it as well as other BDSM kinky sex activities for two of her music videos, Nasty Naughty Boy and Not Myself Tonight. Click on the following links to watch them at YouTube….



A variation of the BDSM theme can be seen in the Die Another Day music video by Madonna for the James Bond 007 movie. Click on the following link to watch it at YouTube…


Similarly in the following music video Twilight Zone by Golden Earring, what I refer to as the “honey trap” version. First is the long version, unedited, uncensored, Rated R version. If that link fails then the shorter censored version…



A few others include the following theme song from the bizarre Eyes Wide Shut movie staring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise – Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing by Chris Isaak (in the music video with supermodel Laetitia Casta)…


Eyes Wide Shut (movie trailer)…


The following video is the famous “nude ritual scene” from Eyes Wide Shut (warning – this video does include nudity). Make no mistake about it – such people, such places, such activities as those do exist in our “real” world…


Other relating songs will be presented within the content of this story, listed as songs on a music videos jukebox at the unusual nightclub of the humans who have aliens souls.

A person of this planet does not need to travel to a distant planet to find alien concepts. “We have found the aliens, and they are us!” That of course is a figure of speech based on a different older quote, “We have met the enemy and he is us!” Click on the following link to a Wikipedia article to read about that older quote and its source…


This is not to say there are aliens on Earth, or that we are aliens, but meaning some people are so different, it is as if they are like aliens from another planet. What is considered to be unusual and unacceptable in one culture or community, may be considered perfectly normal and acceptable in another culture or community. Just look at what is exposed at night under the light of the full moon as it goes around planet Earth!

As is, Earth humans have trouble accepting their own differences. What will happen when we finally do encounter people from another planet? Will we declare war on them because of cultural differences, or engage in peaceful trade with them? Consider their perspective. Will they declare war on us or accept us? I believe peaceful trade is more profitable. 

I believe in each to their own way of life. I don’t need to be one of them in order to accept their way of life. It is acceptable to me what they do to each other as long as they don’t ever force it upon me. For example, straight heterosexuals like me do not need to participate in the homosexuals “gay way” of life in order to accept them and let them live the way they want to. It’s not right for me, but it does not bother me that it’s right for them. As a science fiction writer, I maintain an open mind to all kinds of unusual ways of life.

One of the fictional elements of this story is the origin of B-D-S-M, kinky sex, and relating adult scene activities on this planet. For some Mercatorians of the Interstar Trading Worlds, mainly some Landors of planet Langenth, it was a normal part of their sexual activities and social life, strictly for adults. They brought it with them when they came to this planet on an expedition. Then they died here, and were reincarnated into human life. So now, present day, as they remember their alien past, they make their alien ways part of their life as humans. This does not make them evil, just different from “normal” humans. This does not make them immoral, from their perspective. They have their own religion, known as the Common Faith on their home planets and colony planets, which for comparison is partly similar to Universalists on this planet. They come from the Interstar Trading Worlds of the Mercatorian Empire, an empire of merchants, who formed a merchant government to engage in peaceful interstellar trade.

I wrote the first version of The Dallas Encounter as a short story during 1988, with the time of the story set during September 1993. This new updated novella length version is set during “present day” of September into October 2012, and involves an alternate history via time travel paradox.

Recommended reading, Wikipedia articles:

Political Ideas in Science Fiction

List of Religious Ideas in Science Fiction

THE DALLAS ENCOUNTER was originally written as a short story. It was then modified to be a part in my full-length science fiction novel titled ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIMELINE. This free 5-part copy restores it to a stand alone story, although much longer than the original, as a complete event within the larger story of the novel.




Novel Introduction

Once upon another timeline, there was a planet named Mirandus. It was a distant inhabitable planet discovered and named by astronomers who were Landors [“LAN-dors”—species] of planet Langenth [“LAN-genth”], Bracatus is the name they gave to the star—the sun—of Mirandus. Langenth is the name of one of the home planets of the Mercatorians of the Interstar Trading Worlds in the Mercatorian Empire, an empire of merchants engaged in peaceful trade. This is a story about some of the Mercatorians whose lives were impacted by the discovery of Mirandus, as well as others who became involved with and went on the Bracatus Mirandus Expedition. It is also about a time traveler from the future of Mirandus, who has traveled hundreds of light years across space and thousands of years into the past to give a warning to the Mercatorians about the expedition. It ended in a horrible disaster with the death of the explorers and the destruction of their star ship. Then events beyond their control resulted in their Mercatorian souls being trapped on planet Mirandus, where they were then reincarnated and became Mirandians. The time traveler, who has the soul of a Mercatorian, is sent by the government he works for on a Clockwork mission for the top secret project named Timeglass. By saving Mercatorians from an enemy in their time, the time traveler hopes to be able to save his world from what he believes to be the same enemy in his time. Moments after he departed from the SlipField ArchPad, built with a TimeArch in addition to a SpaceArch, the planet he knew as Earth ceased to exist, and became known as Mirandus. This is a Timeglass story.


A secret US Government project involving time travel. The fate and future of one world may be found in the distant past of another world. For time travelers, of a kind, answers can come before questions.


The mission to send a special investigator to an inhabited planet 40 thousand light years from Earth, 40 thousand years into the past, to recover detailed plans on how to build a massive star ship 20 miles long and 2 miles in diameter.


Mercatorians of the Mercatorian Empire, an empire of merchants engaging in peaceful interstellar trade, sent an expedition from the Interstar Trading Worlds to the distant planet they named Mirandus, and arrived during Mirandian year 37,988 BCE.

Soon after arrival, a conflict between the Mercatorian military and religious missions resulted a mutiny, which caused their star ship to fall from orbit and be destroyed. The Mercatorians were at war with the Teznites, an intelligent alien life form, described as part-monkey part-spider. Teznites are carnivores in the competition for food on inhabitable planets, and they have no concept of trade so that take what they want or at least try to. The planets of their empire are between the planets of the Mercatorians and the distant planet Mirandus. The Mercatorian military wanted to establish a base on Mirandus so that the Teznites could be attacked from both sides. To get to Mirandus, it was necessary to travel through buffer-space, the realm separating the physical universe from the spiritual universe, in which star ships can travel 666 times faster than in normal physical space. Buffer-space is also known as the hellfield. It is the dwelling place of demon Teznites, the spirits of dead Teznites, who like to terrify Mercatorian voyagers with images of eternal dearth in fire. Demon Teznites possessed some of the members of the Mercatorian military and religious missions, and then turned them against each other in order to prevent the base from being established. The demon Teznites took advantage of an already existing social rift between members of the military mission and members of the religious mission.

There was no rescue mission. The Mercatorians on Mirandus did not know why. A few survived at a land base until supplies became depleted, and then they died from exposure to Mirandian viruses. Before they died, they had the means to travel all over the world and bury time capsules, containing the history of their people and location of their planets. Also, information on how to build a SlipField ArchPad with a SpaceArch and a TimeArch for transporting individuals across space and time . . . which has been recovered by present day archaeologists and constructed by Timeglass engineers working for the US Government.

A time capsule containing the detailed plans on how to construct a star ship has not yet been located by the US Government. Therefore, the need for Timeglass investigators to travel to the source to obtain the plans. A SlipField ArchPad can only transport one person at a time with a small amount of cargo, and is extremely dangerous. A star ship is needed to transport thousands of people and supplies.


It begins 40 thousand years ago, continues on present day Mirandus, and then ends in our distant future.

HERE after

What happens to your soul if you travel to a distant alien world and die there? Many of the explorers from the Mercatorian Empire expressed their concerns when raising that question before departing on the expedition. It was a question the religious leaders of the Mercatorian Common Faith could not answer. The newly discovered inhabitable planet is further away from their home planets than any other traveled to so far. Would their souls be sent back to ascend into the spiritual heaven with their own people, or become trapped on the alien planet?

The souls of the Mercatorians, who physically died on Mirandus about 40 thousand years ago, did not ascend into the spiritual Realm of Heaven. Instead, they were reincarnated into primitive Earth human life during 37,988 BC and part of the following year . . . then time after time . . . until their final reincarnations on present day Earth.

About 40 thousand years ago, a great war in the Realm of Heaven of the spiritual universe caused a spiritual quarantine to be placed on all inhabited planets of the physical universe. The quarantine was to protect souls from ascending into the spiritual war and being obliterated in a permanent spiritual death. Therefore, all souls were forced into a long series of reincarnations, including the alien souls of the Mercatorians trapped on planet Mirandus.

Now on present day Mirandus, most of the Mercatorian souls are in their final reincarnations, born into Earth human life. The great war in heaven ended about 2,000 years ago. Creator Daughters and Creator Sons were sent to all inhabited planets in the physical universe to lift the spiritual quarantine. The Creator Son known as Christ Jesus did not go to Mirandus to live a life in the flesh and then die for the sins of humans. He went there to liberate human souls so that they may again ascend into the Realm of Heaven. Even so, most of the Mercatorian souls continued to be reincarnated on Earth for special missions. The present day mission is to recover the time capsules and therein the information on how to build a star ship, so that they can build the first Mirandian star ship, and then return home. Meantime, the US Government project Timeglass has its own mission, which is to save the future of Mirandians from an invasion of Teznites by saving the past of the Mercatorians. There was no rescue mission for the Mercatorians on the expedition to Mirandus in 37,988 BC because the Teznites conquered the Interstar Trading Worlds.

As the Mirandians with Mercatorian souls grow up on present day Mirandus, they remember their alien past in dreams and nightmares. They remember where the time capsules were buried, locate and recover some of them. Now they know where to find their home worlds. A secret group of them has recovered the time capsule containing detailed information on how to build a star ship. Just one problem. Money. They need to raise a lot of money to be able to build the first Mirandian star ship, and preferably to do so in secrecy at a secret location.

The expedition to Mirandus included five primary missions; the Mercatorian Diplomatic Mission, the Mercatorian Merchant Mission, the Mercatorian Military Mission, the Mercatorian Religious Mission, and the Mercatorian Science Mission. Remember the mutiny, which happened soon after the alien star ship arrived at Earth. The majority of the explorers became divided into two opposing sides. The far right religious conservatives of the Religious Mission on one side. The far left military liberals of the Military Mission on the other side. Members of the other three missions were like centrists or moderates as independents in political and religious positions.

Now on present day Mirandus, in human form, the alien souls are still politically and socially divided. One side learns how religion is big business, and creates a new church on Mirandus as a means to raise the money needed to build a star ship. The other side learns how the sex industry is big business, especially kinky sex and B-D-S-M, and so they create an international chain of clubs, which are health clubs by day and sex clubs by night, as a means to raise the money needed to build a star ship. They will have to work together in order to reach their common goal, then engage and defeat an ancient enemy. Mercatorian souls in human form are now seeking to find a way back to the home and way of life they remember. These are their stories…

We have found the aliens, and they are us!

This novelette, about THE DALLAS ENCOUNTER, focuses on members of the international chain of Merchants Clubs, which are health clubs by day, B-D-S-M kinky sex clubs by night.

THE DALLAS ENCOUNTER novelette is told from the viewpoint of a mysterious character, who is a government agent, and secretly works as a private detective on-the-side. He engages in some spooky voyeurism while conducting his investigation of Victor Mark Journey and Teresa Marie Salvador, who he is making a written report on to be given to his employer. But which employer? The US Government and its secret project Timeglass, or the Clueo Private Investigations agency? Clueo is Latin, meaning “I hear myself called, am named.” The CPI is known to specialize in missing persons cases, while secretly looking for Mirandians who have alien souls. Vic and Teresa have something in common. They both have Caeruli souls in the spectrum of blue light, as do all Mirandians who long ago were Mercatorians of the Mercatorian Empire, an empire of merchants ruling the Interstar Trading Worlds. Normal Mirandians have Viridi souls in the spectrum of green light.

+ + +

This science fiction story begins now…



The following is a




This document contains ADULTS ONLY material including explicit sexual content. A password is required for access at the following link. By entering the password for access to the 5 parts, you hereby confirm that you are an adult of legal age, which is age 18 in the US. There will be no further warning.

The password is: clockwork 







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