Impact of Teleportation on Transportation Industry – Article by Jim Lantern


Impact of Teleportation on Transportation Industry

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern

Originally published 8 March 2014 – Republished 20 January 2015

Imagine what would happen to the transportation industry, as is, if suddenly or gradually the use of new low-cost technology were to make teleportation possible.

The means presented herein is referred to as doorways, in particular The Merlin System doorways. The science isn’t as important as the dramatic impact on the transportation industry, other businesses, and individual persons.

A teleportation doorway can be installed almost anywhere on earth where there are people.

A teleportation doorway includes a keypad like on a cellphone for making telephone calls. The address number of a destination doorway is entered at the departure doorway.

In the beginning, the doorways are connected via cable TV lines. Cable TV companies provide the lines and service. The doorways may be purchased in stores such as in the Electronics Department of Walmart. The price may be as low as a desktop computer or the price of a large flat screen TV. So it will be like buying a personal desktop computer at Walmart, and then getting COX Broadband Internet as Internet Service Provider for home, as well as COX cable TV service.

Eventually, as the technology is improved and upgraded, wireless system doorways will become available.

Finally, after more progress, a modified system will reduce the space and time between a departure doorway and a destination doorway to zero. The shortest distance between two points being zero. It will be as if the departure doorway and the destination doorway exist in the same space and time as a single doorway. You can be standing at a location in  the United States on your side of an activated doorway. On the other side of the doorway is a location in Africa, which is visible from your side of the doorway, and you need only step through the doorway to instantly arrive at the location in Africa.

It will not bring on an overnight change to the entire world and all means of transportation. It will be gradual.

The first impact on the transportation industry is likely to be air travel and airports. Because airports are already mass transportation centers, doorways may be installed at those locations, as public use doorways, similar to installing public phone booths. All of those doorways will be connected to the doorways at all mass transportation centers. Air travel, as we know it today, will come to an end. Why travel by jet to a business meeting on the other side of the world when you can simply step through a doorway to get there? This will result in the gradual end to all air travel related jobs, as well as all air travel support businesses. It will save fuel, because the doorways do not use fuel, just normal electricity probably from a 220 volts outlet. No more aircraft will be built for mass air travel transportation, so those jobs will be lost too. Government and private businesses will have to work together to save those workers from losing everything and becoming out on the street homeless. New jobs, new kinds of jobs, will have to be created. The teleportation business will eventually create less jobs than it will eliminate. It will remove a large sum of money – revenue and taxes – from the economy of the US and other countries, as well as many businesses associated with the transportation industry.

As individuals can afford to buy teleportation doorways and pay for the service, the doorways will be used in an increasing number of homes. The need for cars, and other individual private transportation, will eventually be eliminated. The need for roads, streets, and highways will be reduced, and perhaps eventually eliminated.

No more buses for public transportation.

No more trains for public transportation.

No more ships on the ocean for public transportation. However, cruise ships may still exist. Each cruise ship will have aboard a teleportation doorway, so if there is en emergency causing the need for one or more passengers to instantly return to a location on land from the ship, then the emergency departure teleportation doorway can be used.

Further, medical emergencies on land will be handled much faster by emergency medical services, no longer needing ambulances to transport people to a hospital emergency room, which will save many lives as result of faster service. Likewise, fire fighters and police will be able to reach some locations faster via teleportation doorways. Sure, something like a firetrucks with equipment and hoses will still be needed, but those will pass through garage-size teleportation doorways to same-size emergency doorways in each neighborhood, to reduce response travel time to zero.

It’s not just about people traveling. It’s also about shipping products. UPS will no longer use jets and trucks. Instead, the person moving the boxes will come through your business service teleportation doorway with a 2-wheel dolly or cart, on foot, pick up the boxes, and then deliver them for you to the destination. Same for the US Postal Service, and other mail pickup and delivery services around the world in other countries.


Author’s Notes…

The above are just a few examples of how teleportation doorways will likely impact the transportation industry. I’ve presented this short editorial article to help get the subject and relating issues started.

I’ve written two science fiction stories about this subject.

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