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Lantern Position on Government, Politics, Religion, Terrorism, and the Future

Jim Lantern


by Jim Lantern

The Lantern Journal

2:30 p.m. CT Thursday 15 January 2015 – Updated 7:30 a.m. Friday 16 January 2015

This posting may be added to, edited, and updated in the future as needed.

This posting was originally published at The Lantern Journal, then reblogged to Timeglass Journal – my primary site. It is now being republished in full at Timeglass Journal on Friday morning 16 January 2015, as well as at some of my other WordPress sites. Further, a link to this posting will be added today on all About Author or About Jim Lantern Pages at all of my sites.

Immediately after the 7 January 2015 terrorist attack in Paris, France, StatCounter showed a significant surge of visitors – located in what might be referred to as terrorist-friendly countries, who came here to read articles I wrote in the past about terrorism and related subjects. Likewise, a similar surge of visitors by U.S. government agencies and military intelligence people reading those same editorial articles I wrote in the past. I felt threatened by both kinds of visitors. There is a problem with some people in the U.S. government, associated with or under the command of the Obama administration, referring to true American patriots supporting the U.S. Constitution as suspected domestic terrorists. After reviewing those past articles being targeted by the visitors of the surge I became concerned about, I decided to delete most but not all of them. A few were timely and have become outdated anyway. I then decided to write and publish this – my official, permanent, written-in-stone position on the related subjects in general. I’ll refer to this special posting via link within all future editorial articles I’ll write about those controversial subjects.

One new clarification is needed. First, please consider the historical content of the Crusades and the Inquisition Wikipedia articles. In a past editorial article I wrote, I referred to the violence and war – with punishment, torture, and execution of nonbelievers – in the history of the Christian religion. A pastor of a church complained those people in history were not true Christians and did not represent the true Christian religion…

A similar thing is being claimed today by most peaceful Muslims of Islam, and others including the news media, about terrorists who are referring to themselves as Muslims – as Sunni Islam extremists. Even so, all or some of those terrorists may believe they are what they claim to be. However, history demands I reconsider them, to actually be apart from any specific religion. Willful Evil has many masks. Antilife puts on many different kinds of masks, and has repeatedly done so throughout human history on Earth, but by its actions cannot hide its true face of death as an Enemy of Light. I therefore conclude, those who in the past murdered innocent people in the name of God – while claiming to be Christians – are no different than terrorists today – who are murdering innocent people who they judge to be nonbelievers of their extreme version of Islam of the Sunni Muslims…

The ancient true Enemy of the World has no respect for any religion, any government, any kind of freedom, and any life. Rather than refer to present day terrorists by their claimed religion, I will from now on refer to them as Antilife, as Willful Evil, as being the Enemy of Light, and as being the Enemy of the World. They are the Princes and Princesses of Darkness and Deception. They are the Sons and Daughters of Satan – the Father of Lies – who are attempting to restore the ancient Lucifer Rebellion on Earth today. My use of those different terms has nothing to do with “political correctness” being used by the Obama administration – to use their terms in place of other widely accepted terms. We the People must recognize the true enemy for what the true enemy really is, and realize it and its followers have very likely infiltrated the U.S. government and American way of life.

I: Government

  1. I believe in democracy as the best form of government.
  2. Although I also believe in representative government, I believe most representatives represent their own interests rather than the interests of the people who elected them. Therefore, I’d prefer more power be granted to voters for some major issues to be voted on by all U.S. voters once each year, rather than those same major issues being decided on by the U.S. Congress and the U.S. President.
  3. I’m opposed to all theocracies, as well as all other forms of government – except democracy.
  4. Although I consider myself to be an “American patriot” I am in favor of, and believe there is a need for, a “worldwide government” – different than the concept of a “one-world government” – without member countries giving up sovereignty. Similar to but different than the United Nations, it would have more authority – and means to enforce it – over certain major issues involving the entire planet.
  5. I believe in capitalism.
  6. I believe in the separation of government and business – but for needed protection of customers from those businesses, products, or services that might harm them.
  7. I believe in international free trade – with minimal restrictions, fees, and taxes.

II: Politics

  1. I’m in favor of abolishing all political parties. I’d prefer all voters be Independent voters, not affiliated with any political parties. I’m registered as an Independent voter, and I’m not a member of any political party.
  2. Candidates and voters may still be classified on the political spectrum as far right conservatives, conservatives, right-leaning centrists, centrists, left-leaning centrists, liberals, and far left liberals. As is, I average out to be a left-leaning centrist by agreeing with liberal Democrats on 60% of issues – most but not all personal and social issues, while agreeing with conservative Republicans on 40% of issues – most but not all economic and government issues, similar to a Libertarian but not as far left or right as them.

III: Religion

  1. I’m opposed to male-dominated religions, which do not accept total equality of men and women.
  2. I’m opposed to any religion seeking to rule the world or any country. I believe in the separation of government and religion. Therefore,  I am opposed to all theocracies.
  3. I’m opposed to any religion that engages in the punishment, torture, or execution of nonbelievers.
  4. I’m opposed to any religion, denomination, or individual church claiming that only its members can be saved and go to heaven. As a basic “spiritual Universalist” – apart from being classified with Trinitarians or Unitarians – I believe in universal salvation.
  5. I’m opposed to any person claiming he or she – and only he or she – speaks for God, and that no one else can communicate with God directly. I believe God does not need representatives in human form, but may make use of them. Therefore, I’m opposed to structured religion, such as a chain of command with other people standing between you and God.
  6. I’m opposed to any religion, denomination, or church demanding money from members. I’m opposed to religion functioning as a business. God does not need your money. You can’t buy your way into heaven. God prefers you spend your money wisely.
  7. I’m opposed to any religion functioning as a charity as a means to take advantage of vulnerable people in order to force its beliefs on them in return for any kind of aid.
  8. I’m opposed to any religion that claims people who have bad health or disabilities is a sign that they are “not right with God.”
  9. I’m opposed to any religion that demands its members participate in any physical rituals, or requires any physical proof that they are believers and are “right with God.” There should be no required proof of faith. A person’s word – stating their faith – should be good enough.

IV: Terrorism

  1. I believe all terrorists organizations should be classified as organized crime. They must not be recognized as countries, governments, military organizations, or religious organizations.
  2. I believe all individual terrorists should be classified as criminals. They must not be recognized as soldiers.
  3. I believe the world needs an international, mobile, military-like and police-like (SWAT) specialized anti-terrorist force, able to hunt down, capture or terminate all terrorists.
  4. I believe each country needs to have its own mobile, military-like and police-like (SWAT) specialized anti-terrorist force, able to hunt down, capture or terminate all terrorists.
  5. I believe all convicted terrorists should be given the death penalty as swiftly as possible. I’m opposed to warehousing terrorists in prisons at the expense of taxpayers.

V: The Future

  • I agree with Michio Kaku…

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