How To Fix StatCounter “Unknowns” Problem with WordPress – It’s easy!

How To Fix StatCounter “Unknowns” Problem with WordPress – It’s easy!

Report by Jim Lantern

4:00 p.m. CT Wednesday 14 January 2015

WordPress Users who use StatCounter in addition to WordPress Stats:

In StatCounter report page – Recent Visitor Activity.

Entry Page, Exit Page, Visit Page. Those usually show the URL of the page visited – the article you wrote.

Problem has been those have been showing “Unknown” instead of a URL. Very frustrating.

When I first inquired, Support told me it is because of new devices used to access the Internet, of which StatCounter can’t see what they visit at WordPress.


Then most Support forums (the experts) claimed its a JavaScript issue, which can’t be fixed.

Wrong. Wrong.

The truth is, once upon a time, WordPress was http. Now it’s https. StatCounter is still http. D’oh!

The fix:

  1. Go to Widgets.
  2. Go to the text box you used to install the StatCounter code.
  3. Look at the code. See two addresses, both starting http.
  4. Add an s to the http so it is https. Do that to both.
  5. Save.
  6. Close.

Fixed. However, it does not restore previous Unknowns. Will work for all new visitors after the fix.

There are other Unknowns in the reports, which are caused by new Internet access devices and JavaScript issues, and I don’t know how to fix those, but this one is fixed and it is the important one.


Update – 21 January 2015: Also, in Config at StatCounter, make sure your project URL is correct – if it is https then it should be https there too. IF you suddenly experience bizarre connection failures at WordPress, then uninstall the code, wait until into the next day’s stats, and then reinstall it. I’m not certain the StatCounter code caused that to happen to me yesterday, but I suspected it, removed it, and the problem stopped. I suspect it was not a technical issue, but possibly a security issue – possibly StatCounter compromised – a hacker somehow got in that way to WordPress and somehow blocked my connection. The https should be secure – that’s what the s is for. My gmail account, used for WordPress, was interfered with too. It could be a technical problem, and it could be a bizarre coincidence that the connection failures stopped after I removed the StatCounter code. I’ve reinstalled it today, and so far no new problems. By the way, I had to change my password at StatCounter, too, as well as gmail and here at WordPress. If it was a hacker, could be someone in China or more likely Russia. Attack/problems began during night here, day over there. However, could be a third shift person here in US. Could be someone who does not want you to be able to use StatCounter to see their visits at your WordPress site, and possibly identify who it is or where they work, as well as what they are reading at your site.

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2 thoughts on “How To Fix StatCounter “Unknowns” Problem with WordPress – It’s easy!

  1. wonderful issues altogether, you just gained a new reader. What might you recommend about your post that you just made some days in the past? Any certain?


    • Thanks. I’ll cover some additional subjects somewhat related in this lengthy reply, which should probably be a new article instead of a reply comment.

      What worked well in January 2015 should still work but might be partly obsolete for other reasons – and a major problem discovered since then.

      Because of so many different kinds of devices used to access the Internet, what works for one might not work for others – except those using the same kind of device.

      Some kinds of devices used to access the Internet, and the means used by those, were not a problem when I first began using StatCounter a few years ago. Likewise, WordPress Stats for this site. I installed the StatCounter code in a widgets textbox to make it [possible to use StatCounter with this WordPress site. I have the free version of WordPress that does not provide a place for plugins. I also use the free version of StatCounter that has been enough for my needs. The management of StatCounter and the management of WordPress Stats have admitted that because of an increasing number of different devices with different means used to access the Internet, for which visits can’t be detected to be counted in stats as views or otherwise readers, and no means to correct that problem yet, stats will become increasingly unreliable and could eventually become obsolete. An increasing number of people can visit here and their visits not be detected. I discovered it when Likes were used or Comments left, but stats did not record their visits as readers. For some detected by StatCounter some information is “Unknown” in results. Some visitors detected by WordPress are not detected by StatCounter and some detected by StatCounter are not detected by WordPress, and therefore using both is still useful for me. Most iPhone users no longer show up in stats when visiting my site and reading my postings.

      Completely different, are those readers who have the means to prevent their visits from being detected. I’m reminded of the history when Caller ID became available. Then Block Caller ID. Then Unblock Caller ID by someone who is blocking it. I wondered what would be next. Block Unblock Caller ID? Each level of defense and offense costing more money. Like an arms dealer selling to both sides. What did come next? Falsify Caller ID. Created by a telemarketing company. So instead of Caller IO recognizing it as a telemarketing call by an identified business, it shows a personal name as if it is a personal call from an individual instead of a business about to ambush you.

      Likewise, visits to websites can be falsified so that a reader stats show to be in once city could actually be in a different country. A visit by someone in China can be made to show up in stats as a visitor in a city here in the US, or a country other than China.

      As for Caller ID being falsified, I had a really bizarre and bad experience many years ago. During the year before the real BTK serial killer was finally caught, many men my age (when I still lived in Wichita) were considered suspects and were asked to give DNA samples as a means to be ruled out. A psychotic stalker thought I might be the killer and convinced cops to get a DNA sample from me, which did rule me out. At that same time, Caller ID showed I’d received calls at my home phone when I wasn’t at home from a number of women. The names of the women showing up on my Caller ID turned out to be the names of the murdered women, as if ghosts were calling me from their former phone numbers. The stalker intended it to intimidate me. A friend of mine at the local FBI office traced the calls to a local telemarketing company with the means to falsify Caller ID, but was not able to determine which employee at which terminal there made those calls to me, so my stalker was never identified. Then the real BTK serial killer was caught, and my problem with the mysterious stalker ended. Even so, I switched to cell phones after that, never again using land lines, and eventually moved to Oklahoma for other reasons.

      Now cell phones are not safe, not secure, in other ways, especially those with Internet access. Fact is, they never were. We just didn’t know it yet. What Edward Snowden revealed was not new. He was not the first to do so. Read my article “How quickly we forget! 27 Feb 2000, CBS News 60 Minutes reported with proof NSA spying on Americans including emails and phone calls with top secret Echelon program!” at for the whole history. Edward Snowden did help cause limits to be placed on the NSA. Even so, it did nothing to prevent military intelligence – separate from the NSA and CIA, from being used to spy on Americans. What Snowden helped to push back, Trump will restore to the NSA as of January 20, 2017. Likewise Mike Pompeo picked by Trump for the CIA if Congress approves him. Pompeo hates Snowden, but Trump will likely grant him the pardon Obama refused, if Snowden helped Russia – Putin – to hack the DNC servers, Podesta’s emails, and voting to assure Trump’s win.

      I returned to Wichita during September 2015 for treatment by doctors already familiar with my history of bleeding stomach ulcers. [I’m now age 60.] While there I qualified for a free Kansas Lifeline cell phone. A few minutes later, I was walking down a sidewalk with another man I knew who acquired one same time I did, when I received my first call before I’d given out the number to anyone. It turned out to be two Voice Mails about 30 seconds each. Both a recording of our conversation as we walked down the sidewalk, using one or both of our cells phones to record our conversation. The ID of whoever left the two Voice Mails was blocked, so someone wanted me to know the Kansas Lifeline free cell phones are being monitored, but did not want to be identified. Impossible for enough live people to monitor calls and phones of all Americans, so a master computer is used. Then if/when certain key words are detected by the computer and red flagged, a live person reviews the recording. There’s no more privacy in America now, and big business is doing more of the spying on Americans now than done by government agencies and military. Some cell phone companies might not be cooperating with the government, but when the government issues free refurbished or new cell phones it’s a safe bet they come pre-bugged. I fixed the problem with a hammer. Then I bought a new Tracfone and service with no connection to my name and address, but then providing the number to government agencies and businesses demanding it for contact defeats privacy and security.

      This now includes the new CATV boxes provided by Cox Communications with hard drives in them, modems for Internet (including wireless), and phones. A target shows up on the alerts bar of my HP Notebook when someone unauthorized is accessing it to monitor me via the camera and/or microphone. Turning them off does not stop it, so I’ve covered them with tape.

      The super-computer NSA has in Utah to do that is nothing compared to what Google’s computers can do. The super-computer in Allan Texas owned by Experian, contracted by Obama to handle ID confirmation and security now for all or most government agencies and the military, is now the most powerful computer on earth, although not as fast as one reported to be in China. Experian HQ is in Ireland, not US, but with branches here in US. It’s no longer just a credit reporting company for use by banks and businesses. It now handles all top secret security clearances for the US government and military. Experian’s goal it has openly published involves “Single Source of Truth” and “Single Version of Truth” [look those up at Wikipedia] involving its master computer to establish and control a one-world electronic currency, to ban all other means of payment including cash – make those illegal worldwide. Long ago, those whose military controlled the land controlled the world. Then those whose navy controlled the seas controlled the world. Then those whose air force controlled the air controlled the world. Space was to be next, mainly near-Earth orbit, and to some extent has been true with satellites like Keyhole. Now, those who control the flow of money worldwide will make the military options obsolete and will control the world. Including access to food and water.



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