Victory! WordPress allows users to return to “classic mode” for creating and editing posts!

Update March 2015: WordPress has/is taking away the option to switch back to the classic publishing editor where it was provided. However, there is still a backdoor work-around they have not yet disabled…


3:15 p.m. CT Saturday 16 August 2014

WordPress has added the following notice at WordPress Sites…

“Welcome to an easier way to create on! Missing the old editor? No worries, just switch to classic mode.” [With “classic mode” as the link to do that.] It now appears after the “beep-beep-boop” nonsense.

The new mode was not easier, and it is grossly flawed in several ways. There is no logic for WordPress having created it. The “beep-beep-boop” nonsense part of the changes is psychotic. Whoever created it should be fired from WordPress.

I’ve read in one of the WordPress Support Forums that some people are having trouble with the link to switch back to the old version. It worked for me, clicking one time on the option link. No more “beeb-beep-boop” nonsense.

There is also the backdoor work-around I found…

For a New Post:
1. Main “Dashboard” – from WordPress Site TITLE drop-down (open the main Dashboard) >
2. “Posts” >
3. “Add New” (right under “All Posts”) = old version!!!
[NOT “New” > “Post” from title drop-down. And all other options get the B-B-B nonsense.]

To do an Edit:
1. Main “Dashboard” – from title drop-down (open the main Dashboard) >
2. “Posts” >
3. “All Posts” >
4. Find the post you want to edit >
5. Select “Edit” under post title. That will avoid the B-B-B nonsense.

+ + +


<h1 class=”entry-title node-title title” style=”color: #da0000;”>For U.S. Readers</h1>


…In a posting, switch from Visual to HTML tab. Enter the above code. Change my text “For U.S. Readers” to your own words…
The #da0000 is the color…
Go to
Pick color, get code from box for insert your color code…
Copy and past the new code into the line I provided to change the font color….
Switch back to Visual tab from HTML tab to see result. Do not backspace line or it will revert to WordPress default fonts. Have a space after it already made for next line. Have a normal line already above it unless it is a title in text box.

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