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Surfing the Arctic Ocean, Beaufort Sea, North Shore Alaska!

Well . . . THAT got your attention! Ha! But it’s nearly true…

TIMEGLASS JOURNAL – Wahoo! Report – Wednesday 30 July 2014

The note reads: “Gone surfing, Arctic Ocean, Beaufort Sea, North Shore Alaska. Later, dude!”


The sun is low, but the surf is high!


Today’s headline:

Sixteen-foot swells reported in once frozen region of Arctic Ocean

The Washington Post 30 July 2014


  • Big waves like those fit for surfing are not what we think of when contemplating the Arctic Ocean. The water is ice-covered most of the time — and it takes large expanses of open sea plus wind to produce mighty surf.
  • So the fact that researchers have now measured swells of more than 16 feet in the Arctic’s Beaufort Sea, just north of Alaska, is a bit of a stunner. Swells of that size, researchers say, have the potential to break up Arctic ice even faster than the melt underway there for decades thanks to rapid global warming.
  • “The observations reported here are the only known wave measurements in the central Beaufort Sea,” they wrote, “because until recently the region remained ice covered throughout the summer and there were no waves to measure.”
  • Sixteen feet was the average during a peak period, Thomson said in an email. “The largest single wave was probably” 9 meters, or about 29 feet, he said. The average over the entire 2012 season was 3 to 6 feet.

Could this be the future sport for North Shore Alaska?

Very . . . scenic!

Meantime, global warming isn’t doing anything for where I live. An unusual arctic cold front has brought heavy rain and significantly lower temperatures to Oklahoma. 68F now 7:00 a.m. CT, 75F high today, 65F low tonight. End of July! In south-central United States! Maybe the warmer air in the north is pushing the cold air south, but no chance of snow this month!

How far will the warming go in the Arctic Ocean, and what will the benefits be? And any consequences 10 years from now? Maybe it’s not global warming, but climate shift because of changes in the jet stream pushing arctic air south? I’m not an expert on the subject, just an observer.

Breaking News – 30 July 2024: First Hurricane Reported in Ice-Free Arctic Ocean! Polar Bears reported in Ice-Covered Oklahoma!

Film it with SOLOSHOT…

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