Note to WordPress Users about Missing Vertical Scrollbar in Text Editor

Note to WordPress Users

About Missing Vertical Scrollbar in Text Editor

Published about 11:00 a.m. CT Monday 28 July 2014

by Jim Lantern at Timeglass Journal

During the past weekend and week, I began to notice some design changes at WordPress to all of my blogs – now referred to as “sites” instead of “blogs” by WordPress.

The most significant design change is referred to by WordPress as an “improvement” with the new design. Apparently, one of the designers decided the vertical scrollbar in the text editor is no longer needed. Therefore, it has been removed. At first, I wasn’t sure what was wrong. Then I noticed the vertical scrollbar missing. I thought it might be a malfunction, or maybe a new setting option. I checked Settings and did not find anything about the vertical scrollbar in the text editor. Then I checked the WordPress Support Forums. I found many others reporting the same problem.

It is normal for the professional helpers in the WordPress Support Forums to maintain a blame the victim mentality. It must be you. Or it must be your computer, or browser, or operating system, or not clearing cookies, or some other misleading and time-consuming bullshit. They never ever admit it is the fault of WordPress, as if WordPress can’t malfunction, or as if the designer gods at WordPress can’t make an evolutionary mistake.

I finally found one professional or long-time user in one of the forums, who determined the removed vertical scrollbar in the text editor is in fact a design change. Not a setting change option. Not something you are doing wrong. Not something wrong with your computer.

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, then be patient . . . it soon will.

There is no chance of WordPress rolling back a design “improvement” change, no mater how many people complain.

This kind of thing has happened before. Changes, which forum helpers allow users to believe is a malfunction that is the user’s fault, which results in the user being sent on a wild goose chase and therefore can’t be fixed.

When that happens, people leave WordPress and go to Blogger or elsewhere. I’ve left WordPress twice because of design changes, for which I was caused by forum helpers to believe were malfunctions caused by me or my computer. If and when they do get fixed, it happens with new blogs of new users. To fix this, if it can be fixed, if WordPress changes it back, then the only way I’ll ever see it is if I leave – delete my blogs and close my account, wait a few months, and then return to create a new account and a new blog. I don’t want to do that this time. I’ve got too much time invested now. I’m going to see if I can find a work-around in order to avoid the huge inconvenience of the missing vertical scrollbar in the text editor. I especially need the vertical scrollbar in the text editor for long articles. That’s the complaint others have made in the support forums, that they can no longer easily produce long articles. I might have to post shorter articles, or long articles posted as a series of parts.

I’m posting this now to let others – who have noticed the missing vertical scrollbar in the text editor – know it is a design change made by WordPress. Not a new setting option, not a malfunction, not your fault, not the fault of your computer or whatever you are using to access the Internet.


Update 12:20 p.m. CT…

At the top right of the text editor box are the Visual and Text tabs. Under the Text tab is a X emblem. Clicking on it gets you the “Distraction Free Writing” option, which I’ve not noticed before. Maybe it is new. Maybe not. I’m not sure. If new, then it might be the intended replacement for the missing/removed vertical scrollbar. It includes what I refer to as a ghost toolbar that will appear at the top if you move your cursor to the top of the workspace.


Update 1:00 p.m. CT…

If you go to the WordPress page for your account that has Reader, My Sites, and Stats options on he upper left . . . then you should be able to see an emblem at the upper right that is a + sign and a pencil symbol. Clicking on that to create a new posting will get you a different kind of text box, different than the one I normally use by going to New Post from blog title drop-down menu. That other kind of text box still has the vertical scroll bar on it.


Readers may participate at the new forum created for this issue…

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