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“Aliens on the Moon” or just another documentary scam?


Editorial Article and Review of a Documentary – 4:00 p.m. CT 24 July 2014

by Jim Lantern, political journalist and science fiction author

I’ll reblog this to my political blog, The Lantern Journal, because of some content involving government and politics, which might interest a few of my political readers – and my perspective on this subject might surprise a few people.

Have aliens ever visited Earth’s moon? Yes. They are known as humans. Dangerous creatures. Stay away from their planet. There be monsters.

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  • The pixels in a photograph can be funny things, as demonstrated time and time again in “Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed,” a TV documentary airing on Sunday’s 45th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 moon landing.
  • What one person sees as a overly magnified image with distortions that merely form strange patterns, another person sees as incontrovertible proof that extraterrestrials have left giant antennas, spaceships and industrial complexes on the moon.
  • “There’s no doubt that these structures exist,” Robert Kiviat, producer of the two-hour SyFy Channel show, told NBC News. (NBC News Digital and SyFy are both part of NBC Universal.)

Documentaries of this kind – about aliens, UFOs, and other strange phenomena – all have two things in common…

  1. Fuzzy images.
  2. About a half hour’s worth of information repeated at least four times to fill two hours of total bullshit.

Why create fake images that are fuzzy? Leaves more to the imagination.

Why repeat bits of story information over and over and over and over? The belief that if you repeat nonsense enough times some people will be brainwashed or programmed into believing it is true. Also, the makers of those documentaries will make more money by selling commercial time for two hours than for a half hour. That’s the main reason why those documentaries are made. To make money. A kind of legal scam. A lie on steroids.

As soon as I saw this documentary following the same pattern of all others like it, with fuzzy images and repeated information, I turned the damn thing off. If I really wanted to watch bullshit, then I’d watch MSNBC for its mostly fantasy news journalism slanted by and for liberal Democrats. Sometimes CNN and FOX news are just as bad, telling viewers what they want to hear, rather than the truth confirmed by facts from more than one identified respectable source.

“The truth is just another lie not yet found out.” – A line from The X-Files TV series.

If the governments of Earth really are engaged in a cover-up of aliens having been on Earth, Earth’s moon, Mars, and on the moons of Mars, then those kinds of documentaries do more to help the cover-up than to expose it by damaging the credibility of those who make such claims. It contributes to the damage of the credibility of all people who believe we humans are not alone and are reasonably seeking real scientific proof.

Consider these additional excerpts from the NBC News article…

  • NASA Administrator Charles Bolden might not rush to join the search for aliens on the moon, but that sort of quest is right up Kiviat’s alley. He was behind the “Alien Autopsy” TV show that made such a splash in 1995 with purported footage of alien bodies from Roswell. The footage was later proven to be fake, but in his defense, Kiviat says he acknowledged that in follow-up programs.
  • “I’m not telling you that I’m ashamed of my work on that,” he said. “I’m not.”

So, he scammed everyone once before. Now they let him do it again. Are the advertisers proud of being part of another scam? Is Syfy proud of being part of another scam? Is NBC Universal proud of being part of another scam? Maybe they should have put a disclaimer on the screen at the start of it: “This Documentary is a work of fiction intended for entertainment.” Fix some popcorn, sit back, and have a few laughs.

One of the claims for the reason why there is a government cover-up is that the general public can’t handle the truth. Knowing the truth would cause civilization as we know it to come to a grinding halt. I doubt that. What would really happen? Here’s some of what I believe might happen, in no particular order but numbered for convenience of reference…

  1. Discovery of proof of aliens would have little or no effect on the day-to-day living of most people.
  2. Some people might change their professions.
  3. Some people might go back to college or otherwise seek to increase their education.
  4. I don’t know about all or other religions, but some Christians might stop going to church, and others might start attending church for the first time.
  5. Some people would get drunk and celebrate.
  6. Some people would seek to communicate with the aliens and perhaps try to learn from them.
  7. Some people would perceive any aliens to be a threat, and therefore buy more guns and prepare for a war of the worlds scenario.
  8. The greatest impact would be on people’s choice of entertainment, fiction and nonfiction – books, movies, TV shows – as well as perhaps in music and some kinds of sports.
  9. It might cause some new international alliances, and might strengthen a few already existing alliances, but I strongly doubt it would unite all of the nations of Earth for all people – all humans – to stand together.
  10. It might result in some history books and science books being rewritten.

There is a vast gulf between believing something is true and knowing something is true. I have my own beliefs, my own opinions, which of course I do not know to be fact and do not claim to be fact.

Do I believe aliens have ever visited Earth? Yes. Further, I believe the following two things…

  1. Aliens visited Earth about 40 thousand years ago, at the dawn of modern humans with the Cro-Magnons, when Neanderthals began to vanish.
  2. Genetics will eventually prove that some humans did not originate on Earth – that we are of more than one human species – that not all humans are fruit of the same tree. Meaning, the biblical “Adam and Eve” are not the parents of all humans, and that not all humans are the product of evolution here on Earth. I suspect some evidence already exists, which is being covered-up by governments, by religious leaders, and by scientists, because of the impact that knowledge would have on human life. It would be more significant than an “us and them” discovery, all Earth humans being different than space aliens. If it is discovered some of us are descendants of travelers from distant planets, who became stranded here on Earth during an ancient expedition, then such a discovery would dramatically change our world as we know it. We would experience violent discrimination on steroids, after a brief debate about which human species is superior. I doubt one is superior over another. We all have strengths and weaknesses, good and evil. Just because some alien humans figured out how to get here long ago does not make their descendants better than native humans.

We have found the aliens, and some of us are them? I don’t offer proof. I only offer food for thought.

One final note, for political humor. You don’t really believe liberal Democrats are from Earth, do you? Well, there’s the proof of aliens! So let’s put an end to the nonsense about President Obama’s birth certificate as proof for where he was born. They are here. They’ve taken over the United States government. They intend to make Republicans and other conservatives extinct. You’ve been warned. You’ve seen the fuzzy images in the diabolical documentaries. You’ve experienced fuzzy Obama government and fuzzy Obama politics. That should be enough proof.

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