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Conspiracy Against Americans by U.S. Government and Experian – Closing Social Security Administration Offices


UPDATE – 8:00 a.m. CT Tuesday 18 November 2014

Senator Coburn responds to complaint about Experian and Social Security Administration


Editorial Article

by Jim Lantern

Norman, Oklahoma

8:00 a.m. CT Tuesday 18 November 2014

[I’ve edited out my contact information from the following communications.]

Correspondence (via email to me) from Senator Coburn:

Thank you for contacting me about your concerns with the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) contract with the company Experian. I appreciate hearing from you and I apologize for the delay in my response.

As the Ranking Member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, potential data breaches within government entities are a great concern of mine, as it is our responsibility to oversee the federal government’s data protection efforts. I would like to investigate this matter further, and learn more information about the potential risks associated with the SSA using Experian.

It appears the contract between SSA and Experian is for approximately $19 million (http://1.usa.gov/1rwYIcM). I am interested to find out how necessary and effective this $19 million contract is, because as you may know, reducing government waste, fraud, and abuse has been one of my top priorities since coming to Congress. My office has determined there are at least 1,362 federal programs, costing at least $364 billion that duplicate or overlap other programs, pointlessly wasting taxpayer money on redundant bureaucratic overhead. My most recent Wastebook (available at http://1.usa.gov/1cqSjZs) details nearly $30 billion in wasteful spending in 2013 alone, and those are only some of the most eye-catching examples. At a time when our national debt is over $17 trillion, it is my goal to eliminate all wasteful spending on programs large and small.

Once again, thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. If you would like to provide more details on the matter, please email DC_Office@coburn.senate.gov. Best wishes.

November 13, 2014
Tom A. Coburn, M.D.
United States Senator



My email reply:

Senator Coburn:

Thanks for your reply. No apology necessary for delay of your response. By the way, over the years, at age 58 now, I’ve discovered the higher I go in government the more likely I am to get a reply! I never get replies from local representatives at the city level. I’d expect the opposite because you have more people to represent and they have fewer. With so many more issues to handle, I’m surprised you can reply at all. So thanks for your time.

[I’m including] my new street address [in this email reply] – I just moved this past weekend – changed apartments.

Review of the Social Security Administration and Experian issue…

Before SSA began using Experian, it was easy to use the SSA website, such as to get a confirmation letter for disability benefits needed by OKDHS for SoonerCare.

There is no known logical reason for SSA to create the new “my Social Security” online account system, especially because the former system worked flawlessly.

There is no known logical reason for SSA to involve Experian in the ID confirmation process for creating a new “my Social Security” online account, especially because the former means of confirming ID worked flawlessly.

Other than the reasons provided by SSA for creating the “my Social Security” online accounts system, and use of Experian, there must be another reason – a not yet known reason – why the Obama administration decided to do those two things, and for the related cost to taxpayers that you are concerned about. I understand the cost is important to you, but the why of it all could be a much more terrifying kind of cost. I’m not a conspiracy theory nut. Democrats do things for a reason, especially Statist Democrats more so than Liberal Democrats. The truth is usually a different reason than the one provided by the Democrats.

The process for signing up for a “my Social Security” online account results in a kind of “Catch 22″ problem. The information SSA has on me has always been accurate – thus the previous ID confirmation system worked flawlessly. The information SSA has on me must match the information Experian has on me as the means to confirm my ID to complete the sign-up process to get a “my Social Security” online account. Experian has never had accurate information on me. For example, just the misspelling of my name can cause the ID confirmation process to fail. Westar in Wichita misspelled my name on a bill, which is how Experian got it wrong. The result is Experian claiming I am both the misspelled name and correct name. SSA only shows my correct name for my Social Security Number. Therefore, Experian data does not match the SSA data for my SSN. Therefore, I’m blocked from creating a “my Social Security” online account.

I used a PollDaddy poll at my WordPress site to ask readers if they are having the same problem. I’ve kept the poll open. It has fluctuated 80% to 90% for the people who tried to create a “my Social security” online account and were blocked by Experian.

I used Free Credit Report dot Com to find out what information Experian has on me. I could then see what is not correct. It took 12 weeks to get Experian to correct it all – all that it showed me and I knew about. I have good reason to believe Experian withheld some information it has on record for me – it has more than it showed me – what it showed me is less than it sells to all who want to buy the information. If I were a buyer, then I’d see a more detailed report about me. Experian does not give the complete report to consumers, so I can’t see all of the information Experian has on record for me.

After Experian took over ID confirmation at SSA, Experian sold 200 million Social Security numbers (and all related personal information) to another company. It was a big news story. Then that other company was hacked by an Asian man of a company connected to the government of China. The hacker was caught, but the damage was done. It is not known who all he sold the information to before he was caught.

After making corrections on my Experian credit report, the Experian information should have matched the SSA information on me. So again I tried to create a “my Social Security” online account. Again I was blocked. SSA has refused to take any action to fix the problem or even to determine what is causing the problem so that it can be fixed. Apparently, Experian and SSA can’t do a side-by-side comparison to determine what exactly does not match up in order for my ID to be confirmed. They can’t tell me what does not match in order for me to fix it.

Governors and attorney generals of over 30 states are already suing Experian because of its errors. Experian is the least accurate business of its kind.

I decided to backtrack. Where all does Experian get its information? What are its sources? I did a Google Search using the incorrect information, and found a few of them. Like the People Finder dot com website, for example. I convinced some of those sources to correct the data. What was the source of the sources? Usually businesses that did not record the information correctly – like Westar misspelling my name. Further, some sources are owned by other sources, and those sources owned by other sources, as a kind of pyramid shell game. I traced one to a Liberal Democrat think tank kind of organization associated with a liberal university as legal owner of one of the sources used by another source used by Experian. It appears not all are errors, but that some are deliberately falsified information to harm Republicans, some Independent voters, and any others who do not subscribe to the beliefs of Obama Democrats. The evidence is there, although circumstantial. Just follow the trail of pyramid shell companies. Not hard to do. Then draw your own conclusions.

Briefly, a side issue. Then, when backtracking, I made another stunning discovery. Disgruntled former New Hampshire representative Tom Alciere has been purchasing lists of voters from seven states including Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Election Board can legally sell the lists to candidates for election campaign mailing lists. That’s the intent. Tom Alciere undermines that by publishing the entire lists on the Internet at his websites where anyone (including criminals and terrorists) can access and read the information for free! That’s just one of the reasons why he does that. He hates police, military, and some people like you and me. He is an extreme version of a Libertarian – he is to Libertarians what ISIS is to Islam. The lists include the home street addresses of all registered voters. Remember ISIS asking US domestic terrorists to target police and military in their homes! Now Tom Alciere is making it easy for that to be done. So far, Utah is the only state taking legal action against him to try to stop him.

Perhaps the use of the new “my Social Security” online accounts is a deliberate means to screen out some people, possibly based on political affiliation. Experian has access to voter registration records. Experian was used by Americans Elect to confirm ID, which resulted in a similar problem as the one now with SSA. The real reason why Americans Elect was such a major failure was the involvement of Experian to confirm ID, which resulted in millions of voters being shut out.

Experian is likewise involved with the healthcare dot gov website and has access to manage health care records of people signing up. No doubt about it – Experian is partly responsible for the failure of that website and number of people allowed to sign up. Given that fact, it raises the stunning question: Why would Obama knowingly use Experian to sabotage his number one project? Do you understand? “ObamaCare” was designed and intended to fail. Now, look at what the failure has done – the damage it has done to health care here in the US. It’s intentional. If this goes on, then what is the ultimate result? What is the ultimate goal?

Experian is involved with the IRS, has access to confidential tax records of all US taxpayers, and with that there could be a connection to the IRS scandal to target the Tea Party and other Conservatives.

Experian is now involved with ID confirmation for most other government agencies. The bidding process has been suspicious. Experian the only bidder, so the Obama administration keeps giving the jobs to Experian.

Although Experian has branch offices here in the US, Experian is headquartered in Ireland. Keep that in mind. It’s very important. Experian is used to grant security clearances to US government and military personnel. That means Experian can and does shut out qualified people who we need for jobs requiring top security clearance! The reverse is true. Experian can approve people who are not qualified. Experian can approve people who are threats to our government and military. Thanks to Obama, Experian now controls “the way in” for any US enemy.

So it is not just the SSA issue and that cost. I believe Obama is using Experian for a larger purpose and goal, while Experian is taking advantage of Obama for its own purpose and goal at a worldwide level.

Jim Lantern

+ + +

UPDATE – 10:00 a.m. CT Sunday 3 August 2014

I was blocked from creating a “my Social Security” account online because the information Experian has on me did not match the information the Social Security Administration has me. SSA is using Experian as a means to confirm ID, for creating an online account. The information must match as a means to confirm my ID. The SSA information has always been correct. The Experian information was wrong. It took about 12 weeks to get Experian to correct all of the information it has on me. The information Experian has on me should now match the information the SSA has on me. However, I’m still blocked from creating the account as the new means to access SSA website services, such as requesting a verification letter. At this time, SSA is not cooperating with determining the cause of the problem. SSA was going to close all of its branch offices on 1 October 2014, to then require everyone use their online services, or to call their 1-800 number, such as to request a verification letter. The decision was reversed, so now all of the SSA branch offices will remain open, where a verification letter can be obtained – in person at your nearest SSA office, or by calling that office, or requesting it via US Mail.


TIMEGLASS JOURNAL – Editorial Article and Special Report – 7:30 a.m. CT 18 July 2014

I’ve been investigating this since early in May 2014 and posting about it since early in June 2014. This is an important update.

Mainstream news media is refusing to investigate and is ignoring this issue, even though over 30 states are suing Experian and taking other legal action against Experian. It is states against Experian, not the federal government against Experian, which is an important difference.

The U.S. government continues to give contracts to Experian to oversee access, ID confirmation, and security of all or most government websites and use of their online services.

Representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senators in the U.S. Senate are not cooperating with fixing the problem.

What is now shocking is the apparent cooperation of conservative Republicans and members of the Tea Party with the Obama administration and liberal Democrats. Basically, it now appears the Democrats are taking steps to sacrifice Social Security, and probably Medicare, which is what most conservative Republicans and members of the Tea Party want. The question is, what are the liberal Democrats and the Obama administration getting in return for such a huge sacrifice?

I suspect a secret deal has been made, which will result in Democrats keeping control of the U.S. Senate with the November 2014 mid-term elections, and maintaining power far beyond the November 2016 election.

I’m not referring to people who believe in the U.S. Constitution. I’m referring to people on the political right, not just the political left, who no longer believe in the U.S. Constitution, democracy, and representative government. The far right Republicans get the smaller government and lower taxes they want. The Democrats get to control the new smaller government as a form of dictatorship enforced with martial law, and by using Experian to control the flow of money and access by Americans to all business and government services.

Basically, figuratively speaking, I believe some Republicans have sold their souls to the devil – Obama, and are now as guilty as the Obama Democrats – guilty of treason against the United States of America and its constitution. I suspect a “false flag” operation will result in Obama declaring martial law before the November 2014 mid-term elections.

I found the following article yesterday 17 June 2014, which I previously didn’t find in search results for the related issues….

Previously, I was posting instructions on how to determine if you are already a victim of Experian, and how fix part of the problem. However, based on my own experience with Experian not cooperating and the Social Security Administration not cooperating, I no longer believe the problem can be fixed. I’ve been permanently blocked from creating a “my Social Security” account online, needed for the new system. Even so, others might get a different result. Here are the instructions…


This is not limited to people receiving Social Security disability or retirement benefits. All US Citizens who have a Social Security Number can and should do this…

  • Go to http://www.ssa.gov/myaccount/ and follow the steps to get a “my Social Security” account online. All US citizens can do this now.
  • If you get “We’re sorry… We cannot create an account for the Social Security number you provided” (or any similar words of same meaning), then that means you are a victim.


  • Go to http://www.freecreditreport.com/ and select the 2-day option (you’ll actually get the report sooner) to find out why Experian is blocking you at SSA. Do not go to Experian’s website to get a report or to seek help, and do not use https://www.annualcreditreport.com/index.action where Experian will block you from seeing your credit report – if the information you provide does not match the information they have about you. If Experian has blocked you at SSA, and you get the FreeCreditReport.com report showing why, then be prepared to be shocked by what you will see in it. Heart attack kind of shock. Plus anger, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.
  • It could be Experian has more than one alias or misspelled version of your name.
  • It could be Experian has more than one home street address for you, and one or more are wrong.
  • It cold be Experian is showing debts that is causing you to have a bad credit rating that might interfere with ID confirmation and/or security clearance.


  • The Experian address for consumers to make complaints, and to dispute any errors: Experian, PO BOX 2002, Allen, TX 75013.
  • Send proof of ID and address – like photocopy of your driver’s license or state ID, bank statement, proof of income, utility bills, voter’s registration card, Social Security card, medicare card, birth certificate etc.), At least two of those options.
  • Experian will first add the correct information to your credit report. They will not remove the bad information. To do that, you have to dispute each item. Some can be corrected online after Experian replies via US mail from Allen Texas with a copy of your updated credit report, and with instructions for how to dispute anything in it. Some items can’t be fixed online, and so for those you will again have to send a letter to their location in Allen Texas.
  • I don’t know for certain if it is just wrong address and misspelled names causing the Experian information to not match the Social Security information, or if the refusal is also because of current debts causing a bad credit rating. The data Social Security Administration has is correct. It must match Experian data for you to create a “my Social Security” account to use online services. If it does not match, then it is because the Experian data is flawed, and must be fixed. Only Experian can do that. The Social Security Administration will not help you with any of this.


  • When a person fails to create a new “my Social Security” account for using Social Security Administration website services, they end up getting the page notice, “We’re sorry… We cannot create an account for the Social Security number you provided.” After too many tries, the person is suspended from making any further attempts. There’s no explanation. No means to resolve it. Calling the 1-800 number to the Social Security Administration can’t fix it, because the Social Security Administration isn’t causing the problem. There is a short paragraph about Experian that has been added to one of the pages viewed before completing the online form to create an account, but it does not explain it properly.
  • When a person gets the “We’re sorry…” page, there needs to be a link on that page directly to the Experian dispute resolution service website.
  • At the “We’re sorry…” page, the new Experian link should take the person to a page that states which data does not match. Name, or address, or whatever the problem is. Did one tiny single old debt stop me? Or the wrong address on me? Or a misspelled version of my name?
  • Once the cause of the problem is identified, then there needs to be an easier, faster, and less costly means to provide Experian with the required proof. It would have been better to be able to upload documents, images, proof of ID, proof of address, any other proof required, than to make copies and mail them to the Allen Texas location. Experian needs a secure system for uploading such documents, so a virus can’t be uploaded. It could function with an internal email system like what most banks now use for secure email communications with customers. That’s how I view my bank statement every month, instead of getting it in US Mail.


  • Convince US Congress to impeach President Obama, before he become the first dictator of the US.
  • Vote for Republican candidates (or otherwise for conservatives) in November 2014, so Republicans can take back control of the US Senate and keep control of the US House of Representatives.
  • Vote for Republican candidates in November 2016, so Republicans can win The White House.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke, Whig politician and statesman who is often regarded as the father of modern conservatism.

“What if the democracy we thought we were serving no longer exists, and the Republic has become the very evil we have been fighting to destroy?” – Padmé in Star Wars III.

+ + +

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