BASE Jumping and Wingsuit flying for law enforcement, military, and sports


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Editorial Article – Published Monday 7 July 2014

I’ve seen “BASE jumping” and use of “wingsuits” mentioned in some news stories on TV during the past year.

I wondered about use of wingsuits for law enforcement and military use. I found these articles…

Wing Suits Could Change the Face of Spec Ops – Defense Tech – 2007.

Look Out Below! Wingsuits Pushed for Airborne Assaults – Wired – 2009.

Special Forces Soldiers Could Be Zooming Into Combat Wearing Gryphon Stealth Wingsuits – Gizmodo – 2009.

I didn’t find any information about any interest by law enforcement – police – interest in using wingsuits. Even so, I can imagine the possibility. The fictional “Batman” might be the first to use a variation of a wingsuit to go after the bad guys…

Batman wingsuit

…But so far I’ve not seen any fictional examples for police. In the movie Fahrenheit 451, law enforcement use a variation of “jet packs” – but those could be heard coming from a long ways off – more terror than surprising the bad guys. I captured the following image from YouTube – too brief to post the video here – from the movie trailer of the Fahrenheit 451 movie…

Fahrenheit 451 flying cop Screenshot

Jet Pack – Wikipedia article.

I’ve seen live news coverage and videos of bad guys abandoning cars and then trying to escape on foot through a neighborhood. Police and news helicopters flying overhead, telling cops on the ground where the bad guy is. It might be possible for a cop using a wingsuit to jump from the helicopter to fly down and tackle the bad guy. Many other scenarios are possible, in which stealth – silent approach – is required. Use of wingsuits might be better than use of parachutes to sneak up on the bad guys.

I found a few excellent videos about the subject of “BASE jumping” and “wingsuit flying” at YouTube…

The kind of camera used for the above video is further demonstrated in the following amazing and very enjoyable video…

Now we get to the READER PARTICIPATION part of this editorial article. Get ready! Got your wingsuit on? On your list of things to do to celebrate your next birthday?

Would you like to go BASE jumping in a wingsuit?

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