Science Fiction inspired by Fantasy Art

1 Winged Girl

Special Article by Jim Lantern, science fiction author, Norman Oklahoma, originally posted 24 June 2013 at Timeglass Journal

Republishing this at 7:45 a.m. CT Friday 6 June 2014

The image at the top of this article is from the famous erotic fantasy art by Boris Vallejo. It is titled The Broken Wing, which I first saw in a 1997 calendar I bought near the end of 1996 at a mall bookstore, if I recall the date and place correctly.

His website is and includes many years of images displayed at the Gallery & Store. The prints you can buy and hang on your wall are excellent but a bit high priced. I’ve seen less expensive wall poster copies sold in some stores, as well as the calendars using his art.

Another website displays some of his art from 1956 to 2000.

Also, of course, most of his art can be found via Google Images Search for Boris Vallejo erotic art, or Boris Vallejo erotic fantasy art, or Boris Vallejo fantasy art, or Boris Vallejo art, or Boris Vallejo space art, or Boris Vallejo science fiction art, or simply Boris Vallejo. [Turn off “Safe Search” if you want to see more explicit samples.]

Anyway, that particular image, displayed at the top of this article, inspired me to create a character who is similar to her in appearance in my science fiction novels.

I named the character Vox Liberta Antiqu. I’ve been using Latin in Google Translate to create character names. Her name translates to mean ancient voice of freedom.

I chose Latin partly because of its history, as well as using it for meanings. In my science fiction novels, especially relating to alternate history caused by time paradoxes from time travel, Latin is a language that came from alien explorers having visited this planet long ago. They refer to their language, which is nearly identical to Latin, as the Mercatorian Standard Language. Its history is that it came from the merging of several languages from the people of three different planets. Together they are known as Mercatorians of the Interstar Trading Worlds in the Mercatorian Empire, which is an empire of interstellar merchants who engage in peaceful trade.

The Mercatorians include the Aquari of planet Aquamar, who have gills as well as lungs; the Aviacaels of planet Skylor, who have wings and can fly; the Landors [“LAN-dors”] of planet Langenth [“LAN-genth”], who appear to be part wolf and part monkey. Of the Mercatorians, the Landors are most like humans. Vox Liberta Antiqu is of mixed species, being half Aviacael, one quarter Aquari, and one quarter Landor; her mother being part Aquari and part Aviacael, and her father who is part Aviacael and part Landor. Her father is separated from her mother. He is Veritas Noctua Antiqu, whose name means ancient owl of truth. He is the Chief of Interstar Trading Security on colony planet Citra, which has recently become the capital planet of the Mercatorian Empire. Vox is a kind of entertainment liaison for merchants visiting the City of Thrae, capital city on Citra. She also does some security work for her father.

Vox is first mentioned in Part 1 of my new science fiction novel titled Once Upon Another Timeline, now free to read at my other WordPress blog. Password for access to read parts is “clockwork” without the quote marks. She first appears in Part 6, and then in Part 9 just posted today 24 June 2013. She is one of several important characters in the overall series of stories. Vox is contacted by a time traveler who has used a SlipField ArchPad to travel about 40 thousand years into his past, and hundreds of light-years across space from his home planet known as Mirandus. The time traveler knows Vox will have access to Mercatorians involved in the construction of a massive star ship to be sent on an expedition to Mirandus. An expedition that will end in disaster. The time traveler hopes to be able to change history to save the ancient expedition, or otherwise obtain detailed plans for building a new star ship for his world in the time he comes from. There are consequences for changing history. Once upon another timeline, Mirandus was known as Earth.

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