Climate Change and Doomsday Clock of Atomic Scientists

See new article 16 February 2015:

Breaking News: Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moves Doomsday Clock to 3 Minutes to Midnight!


Editorial Article by Jim Lantern, Norman Oklahoma, 25 August 2013

Read the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists…


Nuclear News article

Doomsday Clock – Timeline…

As noted in the most recent update of the clock at their website, the atomic scientists now include global warming. The reason is an indication that global warming is causing an increase in crime, violence, and wars.

Atomic Attack Poster

Click on above image to read poster full size.

Climate change may increase violence, study shows” – CNN

If that continues, and if a country like Iran, or terrorists, obtain a nuclear weapon, or biological warfare weapon, or chemical warfare weapon, then they are likely to use it. It’s unlikely an individual can acquire one of those weapons. Even so, if an individual, such as those who have used a gun to go on a psychotic killing rampage, were to obtain a virus, then that person could kill thousands of more people than from using a gun. It does appear humans are now headed down the road to self -destruction and could easily become extinct sooner than later. You can make yourself comfortable, sitting in your living room easy chair, while watching CNN provide Breaking News Live Coverage of the end of the world.

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