Is a Black Hole eating our Sun? NASA’s SOHO made discovery, got image!

1 NASA SOHO Sun Black Hole 1

… Compared to…


Special Posting by Jim Lantern, Norman Oklahoma, 30 July 2013

NASA’s SOHO spacecraft finds black hole in our sun!

A few seasonal black “sun spots” are normal, have been normal as far back as we have been able to see them, but not this blacked out region that appears to cover a third of the sun’s surface. This is very different.

Although the experts claim it is not a problem, their claims take nothing away from how frightening it is to see a “black hole” in our sun. When I first saw this, the initial impact on me was like nothing I ever experienced before. I felt an unusual kind of fear, which I felt within my body, mind, and soul. I sat here at my computer desk, stunned for a minute, and then shook it off. Even so, I’m left with the feeling of uneasiness. What SOHO has seen can be explained in a way that indicates we are not in danger. Even so, it looks bad. It looks wrong. It feels wrong. It leaves me with an internal battle between logic and emotions.

Here’s an article about this bizarre event discovery by NASA’s SOHO at Huffington Post…

1 2010 Odyssey 2 book

The SOHO image reminds me of what happened to Jupiter in the 2010: Odyssey Two movie, based on the novel by Arthur C. Clarke…

…If SOHO sends back an image of giant black monoliths near our sun, then I’ve got some bad news for you: We’re screwed! Maybe someone failed to pay the power bill and now the Power Company is turning off our sun. Or maybe the Landlord didn’t get paid this month, and is about to evict us from this planet. Notice I refer to it as this planet, not our planet.

1 Discovery Jupiter Spot

Do you believe the experts would tell us the truth, if our sun is about to die much sooner than expected? If true, then either there would be world-wide panic, or people would refuse to believe it and go on with normal day-to-day living, or perhaps both.

2010 movie

What if it were to go off-cycle and cover all of the surface of the sun? Probably not good.


No doubt there’s a movie maker out there who has seen this and will put out a new disaster movie for Syfy. Probably the sun being attacked by giant black sharks who develop space travel. We’ll need a bigger spaceship.

R.E.M. ~ End of the world as we know it

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