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Migraine headaches, and new unusual pain above and/or behind right ear

Update 2 August 2013…

As I recommended in my previous update at end of June 2013 for others to do, I kept a written record of foods and beverages consumed. I was low on money during July 2013, so my budget was very tight, and so there were several things I could not afford to buy. Almost exactly a year ago, a former neighbor visiting me brought some bottles of VitaminWater. I tried one, liked it, and began trying other flavors. I liked “XXX” the most. I realize now, that’s when I began getting the very unusual headaches of sudden severe focused pain slightly behind and slightly above my right ear, like direction of northwest of ear. I didn’t have any of those headaches during July 2013. I just did some August shopping this Friday August 3. All of the beverages and food I’ve consumed today is beverages and food I consumed during July, except 2 bottles of VitaminWater XXX that I had after getting back from an exhausting bicycle ride. Then about an hour after drinking the second bottle, it was like a hammer hit me in the side of my head behind and above my right ear. Could be a coincidence, but I now have no doubt that is the cause. Perhaps think of it as an energy drink instant hangover. No doubt, one of the unusual ingredients, and perhaps amount of it, is the actual cause.

Energy Brands


I know from doing some searches that I’m not the only person who has suspected VitaminWater causes headaches. Even so, no official finding has been done yet.

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Posted by Jim Lantern, Norman Oklahoma 29 June 2013

Migraine headaches have been around for a long time. The symptom of severe pain, like a migraine headache, but limited to a single point slightly above and/or behind right ear, is a new symptom within past 2 to 6 years being reported mainly in the US.

It’s probably caused by monosodium glutamate or a variation of that ingredient in some foods, which is known to cause severe migraine headaches. A new similar ingredient is probably causing the severe pain slightly above and slightly behind the right ear. Keep a written record of the foods you eat and beverages you drink. Then check the label for ingredients of everything you consumed within the past 24 hours before the pain began. Also keep a record of your activities, as a simple list for date, time, location, and what you did. If not in food, or beverages (including bottled or tap water), then it could be some other product you consume such as drugs. Also, it could be in the air, such as various oxidants. If it is oxidants, then taking anti-oxidants might help.



Avoid monosodium glutamate, a kind of oxidant, which does cause migraine headaches, and might be one of the possible causes of the unusual pain behind and above right ear.

However, I do believe the cause is something that has recently, within the past 2 to 6 years, been introduced into the environment, or into foods, or beverages, maybe water, and possibly something in the air.

I use StatCounter and WordPress Stats to determine city and country location of the visitors to this blog, who are reading the articles I’ve posted about this new and unusual pain problem. The stats include the words used in search engines to find my articles about this. Then I cross reference that to the geographical location of readers. Whatever the cause is, it is not limited to one area, one city, or one country. None of the readers searching for information about this problem have been in the same city. Some have been in the same state. Most have been in the US. A few in Australia and the UK. One in Singapore. Those in the US have been all over the country, not just one area. There have been more in North Carolina than any other state. More than one in California, and Nevada.

So far, the CDC is not interested in determining the cause of this problem.

I found the most people looking for answers at SteadyHealth.com website…


Here is the link for where I found some useful information…


I’m seeking feedback in comments from others who have also experienced the new symptom of pain above and/or behind right ear.


Update about migraine headaches 19 August 2014

I received this information from a reader…

Healthline just released an interactive guide on migraine triggers.  The page details 14 common triggers for migraines and how you can manage them.  You can check out the guide here:http://www.healthline.com/health/migraine/triggers

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