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On that road less traveled, will Edward Snowden meet a similar fate as fictional British secret agent John Drake?

Posted by Jim Lantern, Independent voter, Norman Oklahoma, 1:30pm CT Wednesday 12 June 2013

What will be the fate of Edward Snowden for telling the world about the NSA spying on Americans?

After the fictional British secret agent John Drake “resigned” at the end of the Danger Man [aka Secret Agent Man] TV series, in the spin-off titled The Prisoner, his government abducted him and sent him to “The Village” for interrogation, to find out why he resigned and if he would go over to the other side.

Maybe a similar fate awaits Edward Snowden. What happens to spies after they tell the CIA or NSA to go to hell and shove it where the light don’t shine? Or expose their dark secrets?

“Beware of pretty faces you find. A pretty face can hide an evil mind.” ~ from the song Secret Agent Man, and the TV series Secret Agent Man, the American version of the British TV series Danger Man staring Patrick McGoohan…

Patrick McGoohan turned down the role of James Bond 007 in the first Bond movie Dr No, so that he could pursue the role of secret agent John Drake, who was basically 001 in the British Secret Service. He is my favorite actor of all time…


Here is the theme of the Danger Man version…

“They’ve given you a number and taken away your name.” ~ also from the same Secret Agent Man song, which applies not only to secret agent numbers, but also to the Danger Man aka Secret Agent Man TV series sequel known as The Prisoner. When Drake resigns and refuses to say why, he is abducted and taken to a place known as “The Village” where he is to be interrogated. There they take away your name and give you a number. John Drake became prisoner Number 6, constantly being interrogated by Number 2. All of the personnel running “The Village” have numbers as well as the prisoners, most of whom are captured spies and a few retired spies. Drake as Number 6 demands to know “Who is Number 1?” That question is finally answered in the shocking conclusion of the excellent series. Drake discovered he is Number 1, and then set himself free. Some of the content of The Prisoner crossed over into the realm of science fiction.

The Prisoner is my Number 1 favorite TV series of all time. Here’s a special music video tribute to The Prisoner TV series…

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