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Invasion of the super bionic household flies with force field shields!

Note from The Twilight Zone, by Jim Lantern, 3 June 2013

For at least the past 8 months I’ve not been pestered by household flies in my apartment, so my flyswatter was left forgotten on the windowsill of my front south-facing living room window. I’m guessing it was the direct sunlignt that somehow eventually made the plastic brittle. Or, there could be another explanation for what happened.

After the severe storms departed last week, here in Norman Oklahoma, there was an outbreak of household flies. They got into my apartment and began to pester me relentlessly at my computer desk and dining table. One of them in particular was very aggressive about it. I found the flyswatter over on the windowsill, picked it up, and waited for the evil fly to calm down and land somewhere. Finally, it did. A place on the dining table where I could easily hit it.

Upon impact, the plastic of the flyswatter shattered like glass into many pieces bouncing off of the table top.

The fly, unharmed, flew away. I left the front door open so it would have a way out, as I was earlier trying to get it to leave. I like to have the front door open during nice weather to let in fresh air. Usually, if a fly does come in, it flys around inside briefly, then departs after finding nothing of interest. This time was different.

Maybe the fly is a super fly. Maybe it is bionic. Maybe it turned on its force field shield and used it to shatter the flyswatter.

I’m fairly sure, near as I could tell, as it briefly paused in flight, on its way back out the open front door, it made an obscene gesture in my direction.

I had to go out and buy a new flyswatter. They are on sale 2 for price of 1 now, so I got 2 of them. That might be a mistake, especially if that fly comes back, picks up a flyswatter and tries to swat me with it. I’m keeping my bicycle helmet nearby, just in case.

It might be time to call Starship Troopers for protection. After another mild winter and early spring, no doubt the bugs are going to be bad this season.

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