The State of the Situation in Images ~ NSA and Obama vs We The People

Liberty and Freedom

Liberty and Freedom [click on images to see full size]

Liberty and Constitution

US Constitution and Liberty

Obama stepping on Constitution

President Obama stepping on US Constitution

Common Man vs Obama

“Common Man” saving US Constitution

NSA Utah Data Center

New multi-billion dollar NSA data collection, storage, and processing center in Utah for spying on Americans and the World

1 Internet Troll

NSA farming out job of spying on Americans to Internet Trolls

NSA spying on Americans

NSA directly spying on Americans and World

US Justice vs World

…The Results…

Colossus: The Forbin Project ~ 1970 science fiction thriller movie! Could this be what will happen when the massive NSA computer with artificial intelligence in Utah become self aware and takes over the US and rest of the world? We already have the warning of what their drones can evolve into…

The Terminator ~ 1984 science fiction action movie!

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