Walking Dead zombie arrested for sending ricin to President Obama

Special Report by Jim Harwood, Norman Oklahoma, 2:40pm Friday 7 June 2013 – may be added to and updated…

1 Shannon Rogers Guess

Shannon Rogers Guess Richardson

Well . . . she’s looking better in the above photo than she did as an actress playing a zombie in The Walking Dead TV series on AMC…


Watch news story video.

Note that at least one CNN reporter incorrectly named her as Sharon Rogers, who was an actress and January 1964 Playboy Playmate. She was born as Shannon Rogers. I guess Guess was the family name of her first or second husband. Richardson is the family name of her current third husband, who has just filed for divorce.

Information about her at Imdb.

Information about her at Wikipedia.

I got back from the grocery store in The Outer Limits just in time to catch the news on CNN on TV from The Twilight Zone


Texas woman arrested in ricin letters to Obama, Bloomberg: Officials ~ NBC News. Some of the comments posted there are very funny.

This makes President Obama the first US President to be attacked by a zombie. Well, at least she didn’t bite him.

More at CNN http://www.cnn.com/


She sent the letters and then blamed her husband for it, turnd him in to the police, trying to frame him for it.

Married 3 times. Third time wasn’t the charm. I wonder if they ever found the bodies of her x-husbands. X marks the spot.

Femme fatale from hell. By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.

Can’t make this stuff up. Truth is stranger than fiction. “All we can imagine is probably not half as crazy as the truth.” ~ Arthur C. Clarke.

Update: I believe the most accurate report is that she played more than one zombie in The Walking Dead, and might be one of the zombies in this music video tribute to the TV series. I don’t believe they changed her hair color one of the times they transformed her into a zombie, so look for the redish colored hair…

By the way . . . the most famous unidentified zombie in the history of The Walking Dead so far is the one at the start of the series who looks exactly like actor Jim Carrey. The Internet was buzzing with claims that he did a cameo. Apparently it is not him. Just another actor who looks like him. Talk about a dead ringer!

1 Jim Carrey zombie

It would be fun and attract more viewers if The Walking Dead were to have famous people do cameos as zombies, and let viewers guess which one each week is the famous person.

For the record, The Walking Dead has become my favorite TV series of all time. It’s drama with an edge that makes it possible to take it seriously. The acting is so good that the actors make the unbelieveable believeable. The writing is flawless. The involvement of a character as a CDC doctor in one of the episodes made it all appear to be possible as a kind of virus outbreak. I’m looking forward to the start of the next season in October 2013. Meantime, I’ll have to be satisfied with my second most favorite of all time, Falling Skies, which returns this Sunday June 9.

If only Shannon Rogers Guess Richardson was married to another zombie, then maybe they would have a better relationship!

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