New damage and deaths in Oklahoma from tornadoes and severe t-storms May 31 into June 1, 2013

Special Report by Jim Harwood, Norman Oklahoma, Saturday 1 June 2013

This is an ongoing live blogging event, to be added to, edited, and updated throughout today. Continued from previous postings Tornadoes – Oklahoma - Live Streaming 7:45pm CT Friday 31 May 2013 and Tornado - Oklahoma - Live Streaming 1:50pm CT Thursday 30 May 2013. All times posted here are US Central Time.


Oklahoma got hit by more than one tornado causing deaths on Sunday May 19, and again deadly tornadoes on Monday May 20 including the EF5 tornado that hit Moore Oklahoma. Then Friday evening May 31 into the night and now into morning of Saturday June 1, a greater number of tornadoes from severe storms that were wider spread than previous storms, causing deaths, injuries, damage, and significant flooding.

THE BEST WAY TO HELP TORNADO AND STORM VICTIMS HERE IN OKLAHOMA IS TO GIVE MONEY TO THE SALVATION ARMY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA. They are the best qualified to directly help victims in all kinds of ways. I know this from personal experience of having been a victim and helping other victims in past years. The next best option is to give money to a church in the area, because they know the people in their area. I’m not too fond of United Way because of how it functions. I strongly dislike American Red Cross and don’t trust it to properly handle donations of money. I like The Salvation Army because it cuts through the usual bullshit and gets the job done. Their officers and soldiers understand people need help NOW, not fill out a damn form and maybe get it later. They have trained experts to help victims out in the field like a fire department responding to a fire, and are among the best first responders to a major disaster.

Some local and national news media will be into the usual Saturday morning fluff and regular programming, but most should start live coverage this hour of the tornados and storms damage here in Oklahoma. Check their websites for live streaming, news, weather, and weather radar.



KWTV-News9 [CBS] 

ABC News

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The Weather Channel [enter name of city or zip code for local]

About 7 inches of rain in 12 hours. Significant flooding in some areas.

Death toll is 3. A mother and child sucked out of car on highway by tornado. A man found in car blown off of highway by tornado. These deaths confirmed by Oklahoma Highway Patrol, and some of their vehicles got blown of of the highways. However, news media now reporting a total of 5 deaths…

More than 60 injured, but no exact count yet. Most injuries are from people in cars blown off of highways by tornados.

Many busineses and homes destroyed. Some of those were from straight-line winds instead of tornadoes.

The Weather Channel crew took a direct hit by a tornado, not injured but their storm chasing vehicle was destroyed.

I was online up to 11:00pm last night. I was awakened about 4:15am this morning by the sound of thunder. How far off I need not wonder. Checked radar. Heavy rain. More flooding. Massive area of storms that was slowly drifting east-northeast didn’t get far in 5 to 6 hours, and began drifting back down toward the southeast to hit Norman Oklahoma again.

Moore Oklahoma took a direct hit again. Oklahoma City got the worst of it with significant flooding. Will Rogers Airport damaged, might reopen by noon today. Tinker AFB damaged, but no military aircraft damaged. The damage in Oklahoma is much more wide-spread this time. More damage from straight-line winds and flooding. There has been serious damage from more tornadoes. Some hail damage.

Should be clear in most of Oklahoma by noon today.

Forecast is for a repeat of all of this by end of next week.

I’m trying to fight off a migraine headache now. More coffee, some breakfast, Excedrin plus Tylenol might help now. I’ll post more here later or when I have any major or new information.


Personal note. I’ll be monitoring news and weather, or sports, on my 13-inch TV while watching entertainment on my 26-inch TV to the left of my computer desk. I can also monitor news and weather from my PC. My TV schedule for today:

09:00 am – TNT – Falling Skies – marathon starting with Season 2 in 2012 – 10 hours [to 7:00 pm]

01:30 pm – ESPN - NASCAR Nationwide Series – 2.5 hours

02:30 pm – ABC – IndyCar Racing – 2.5 hours

08:00 pm – Syfy – The Ruins – 2008 movie – 2 hours

Otherwise no special plans for today. Financially broke until Monday, so I’m staying in this weekend. I was up late last night, then rudely awakened this morning with a migraine headache at 4:15am, with the thunder pounding on that. Better now. Might have to take a nap later.

Right now KOCO local news is on my 13-inch TV and local News9 is on my 26-inch TV. They are reporting on the storm damage, injuries, and deaths. KFOR is the NBC broadcast this hour, or otherwise endless commrcials.


KFOR is on NBC Saturday morning children’s programming now. I guess they figure the kids need something to watch this morning. Saturday morning children’s shows are significantly more stupid now than they were when I was a child, an insult to intelligence of the children of today. Local News9 is reporting on storm damage. KOCO is providinjg best weather coverage thanks to the always delightful Danielle Dozier. The storms are now south, southeast, and east of pauls Valley now. By the way, during the 5 years I’ve lived here in Norman Oklahoma, I’ve noticed KFOR tends to overstate the weather threats, News9 tends to understate them, and KOCO tends to get the forecast right most of the time. I do like the KFOR online weather radar.


Will Rogers Airport has a lot of damage. Not officially re-opened yet, but UPS just landed a jet on runway 3-5 Right, apparently open now. Nothing stops UPS. Your package is on its way.


Sun shining in Norman Oklahoma now. A rough weekend is ahead for victims in the damaged areas.


Oklahoma had 5 tornadoes yesterday evening into night.

Significant damage to homes and businesses by tornadoes in the El Reno area.

Death toll has increased to 2 children, 7 adults, total of 9. Some of them have not been identified yet.

TOR:CON forecast.

Norman Oklahoma 10-day forecast. Good today, tomorrow, and Monday. Next severe storms Tuesday. 30 to 40% chance of storms Tuesday through Saturday.


Sunday 2 june 2013


Death toll raised to 11. Two bodies found, people killed by flood waters, not tornadoes, at different locations.

There will be more coverage of the damage and victims on local news this morning 7am-9am, KFOR, KOCO, and News9. I expect CNN will do more coverage throughout today.

We will probably awaken to storms Tuesday morning. So try to enjoy and make use of the good weather today and tomorrow. Cooler today with wind out of the north. Still confortably cool on Monday as wind shifts to the south. The greatest chance of severe storms producing tornadoes will be Tuesday evening, and Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.


Monday 3 June 2012
Death toll now at 15, with 6 people still missing. Two were drowned in flood water in the path of the tornadoes when they took shelter in storm drains. Two others were drowned by flood waters in other areas. Exact injuries count still not certain. Hundreds were injured. Thousands of homes damaged, hundreds destroyed. About 24,000 busineees or homes still without power at this hour Monday morning.
Western Oklahoma and panhandle is expected to get severe storms tonight. Rain in central Oklahoma by Tuesday morning. Possible severe weather on Wednesday June 5, but I do not believe we will have another major outbreak of tornadoes on Wednesday. Heavy rain and more flooding is the greatest threat and danger. Then the next chance of severe storms might be Saturday June 8.
This is the final update for this posting. Check “Recent Posts” listed on right side of to look for any new postings about severe weather here in Oklahoma.

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