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This is the primary WordPress site of Jim Lantern in Oklahoma, USA.

This is a multi-purpose multi-subject site. 

This is the cover site for branch sites of specialized subjects.


~ Government and Political Issues ~

The Lantern Journal

Government and Politics – Editorial Articles, Special Reports, News – U.S. and World

~ Religion and Spiritual Issues ~

Spiritual Universalist

Editorial Articles about Religion and Spiritual Subjects – A Way of Life with a Virtual Reality Faith

~ Health Issues and News ~

Timeglass Health Journal

Editorial Articles and News about Health and Health Care – Mainly in USA

~ Entertainment News and Reviews ~

Timeglass Entertainment

Editorial Articles, News, and Reviews of Various Kinds of Entertainment

~ Oklahoma Issues and News ~

Timeglass Oklahoma

Mainly of Interest to Readers in Oklahoma – Variety of Subjects

~ Variety of Short Subjects ~

Timeglass PerspectiveLink Forum 

Site Designed to Function like a Multi-Subject Forum for Participation of Readers

Timeglass Impulse 

Site Designed for Short Postings – Various Subjects

~ Science Fiction and Reality ~

The Ambassador to Earth 

Fictional Character writes about News Stories and Real Events

~ Science Fiction by Jim Lantern ~

The Merlin System

Series About Teleportation – Free to Read

Once Upon Another Timeline

Full Length Science Fiction Novel – Free to Read

Timeglass Science Fiction Stories

Short Stories, Novelettes, Novellas – Free to Read

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