Timeglass Journal – Special Thanks to Readers – Thanksgiving Day 2014


Special Thanks to Readers

by Jim Lantern

Thanksgiving Day 2014


What do I have to be “thankful” for this Thanksgiving Day holiday?

YOU, the readers . . . who are one of the reasons why I stay alive, to keep up the good fight as an independent political journalist at The Lantern Journal. Also, as a writer of other kinds of articles at my other WordPress sites for other kinds of interests and subjects, as well as my science fiction stories.

At first, I was thinking I’m thankful for the Internet. I am, still, but why am I thankful for the Internet? The number one reason is YOU. The Internet would be useless without YOU. WordPress would be useless without YOU, Facebook would be useless without YOU. Twitter would be useless without YOU.

Some readers have families and I assume most are with them this holiday and holiday weekend. Some readers do not have families, perhaps no living relatives, and are alone this holiday like I am – meaning no one here with me – no one there with you. Even so, we are not alone. We have each other’s good company via the Internet. Most friends are away with their families, their relatives. Some of those, who are not with friends in person, may be with friends via the Internet, at least in spirit if not presently in direct contact.

I could go out to a restaurant open today for serving Thanksgiving meals. I’ve done that in the past. Expensive, and rarely satisfying to be worth it. I mean traditional Thanksgiving meals at sit-down table restaurants with waitresses and waiters working today to serve you. A few times I kept it quick, easy, simple, low cost, by going to fast-food places. This time it’s a Hungry-Man frozen dinner fixed in the conventional oven – roasted carved white meat turkey, with mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and a dessert. Here in the comfort of my apartment, in good company with YOU in spirit via the Internet.

Thanks for being there.

Have a terrific Thanksgiving Day and holiday weekend!

~ Jim Lantern

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