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TIMEGLASS JOURNAL – Personal Observations by Jim Lantern – Saturday 20 September 2014

This posting might be added to, edited, and updated today.

This is the first of a new series of postings, not necessarily daily journals. A variation of this was tried about 2 years ago, and then abandoned. This new series will always have Timeglass Journal in the title, followed by the current date – year, month, day. 

I had breakfast at about 8:30 a.m. CT this Saturday. “Red Barron Biscuit-Style Scrambles” with Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, and Cheese, on a small single serving pizza. Excellent. Washed it down with “Maxwell House International Cafe French Vanilla” instant coffee.

I’m losing interest in college football. However, I might watch on FOX/KOKH at 6:30 p.m. CT Oklahoma University at West Virginia. I’ll probably monitor it on my small TV. It’s very quiet here now. Many people have left Norman (home of OU) to attend the WV game. If it had been scheduled for here, then it would not be quiet here today. I live 2 blocks from the OU football stadium.

Another episode of Hell On Wheels, one of my favorite TV shows, is on tonight on AMC at 8:00 p.m. CT. Historical western drama. There are very few TV shows I still like to watch.

Gotham, a new Fox TV series, about the character James Gordon, when he was a police detective before Batman, begins at 7:00 p.m. CT Monday 22 September 2014. I’m looking forward to it. Brilliant idea. Previews look good – as a deadly serious dark drama. There is a schedule conflict with the return of The Voice on NBC at 7:00 p.m. CT the same night, but I’ll monitor The Voice on my smaller TV. I don’t have a DVR, and network websites have changed their rules for who can access and watch shows online – shutting me out.

Survivor returns to CBS TV 7:00 p.m. CT Wednesday 24 September 2014 with a 90 minutes episode.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC at 8:00 p.m. CT Sunday 12 October 2014.

The Family Feud game show has returned to a local TV station with new episodes at 6:00 p.m. CT – 2 half-hour shows. It’s the only game show I like and makes me laugh.

I’ve not been doing much reading – such as paperback novels. I bought 3 for about $3.50 each about 7 weeks ago. I read the first few pages of each, and then set them aside for future reading on days when suffering from Internet and TV burnout. Maybe part of today and tomorrow.

I should spend more time listening to music, or watching music videos.

Weather today is mild but humid. Basically what it should be for Oklahoma in September.

When the air is easier to breathe and weather is good, I do spend some time getting out for a few minutes to an hour – walking over to the nearby creek and pond to visit and feed the ducks. Spending too much time inside, and too much time on the Internet, is not good.

Weed pollen is high, but the humidity is doing more to hurt my breathing. My bronchial asthma has been worse than usual since April 2014.

Good news: My migraine headaches have vanished, possibly because of changes in diet – especially no longer eating foods with MSG.

I’m trying to manage stomach ulcer pain. The good news is no internal bleeding with those this time. Old home remedy of 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda mixed into about 4 oz of water in a cup, as needed, is helping some. Same for acid reflux. I am having dinner earlier than usual so my stomach is settled down by bedtime, so acid reflux does not bother me at night. I usually have two meals per day now – a late breakfast or early lunch (brunch), and an early dinner. The long gap of about 16 hours between dinner and breakfast hasn’t been hurting me. I’m still eating the same amount of food as 3 meals, but divided into 2 meals of better quality. I’m presently only 10 pounds above my correct weight.

Dr. Pepper works best for me to boost energy – mental and physical, and for emotional condition is an excellent antidepressant. I’m not sure why, but it works better than any other soft drinks with caffeine and sugar, as well as better than other kinds of beverages including juices. Sometimes I do add a shot of orange juice to Dr. Pepper in a glass with crushed ice, on top – not mixed in, which I’ve named a Doctor Sunrise.

I have health care coverage, but no longer have a doctor willing to accept it. So I’m surviving on old home remedies and nonprescription meds.

My social life, such as in person contact out in the so-called real world apart from the Internet, is like The Walking Dead. I no longer have a car, money to cover the cost of socializing, and my unpredictable fluctuating health makes it difficult to plan activities with other people here in Norman, Oklahoma. Last time I had a “date” lined up, I had to cancel at the last minute because of illness – but I gave my ticket to her sister so they had a good time on my money and were not upset about it.

Riding my bicycle to the grocery store has become increasingly difficult. I’ve started walking next to it for the trip to the store, just a mile away. Then I ride it back, which is an easier ride than going there, mostly downhill the way home. I can carry a lot of groceries and general supplies in two bicycle baskets and a backpack. I might buy a kind of dolly-cart basket from Amazon next month, which can be used for hauling groceries home. I get pain in my stomach and upper legs when riding the bicycle, but not when walking. It’s harder to try to carry groceries on a city bus, and taxicab companies here charge extra for carrying groceries. Teleportation is not yet an option.

I am running out of energy each day, more so than usual. I don’t know what the new cause is, but I’ve ruled out anemia and hypoglycemia. I have been experiencing a lot of anger about certain government and political issues, and I know anger burns up a lot of energy. Included in all of that is the ISIS threat to Americans here in the USA, which is causing me to experience more anger than fear because of how the serious threat is being grossly mishandled. Same for other major issues.

I continue to be very happy with my Chromebook, which has the Chrome Operating System on it, bought 3 March 2014. It can’t be hacked and can’t get a virus. My old personal desktop computer with Windows on it was vulnerable to hackers and getting a virus even with protection.

Increased apartment rent since June 2014 has been making it difficult to financially survive from month-to-month. If it goes up again next June, then I’ll have to find a less expensive apartment elsewhere and move, or do a roommate deal to cut the rent in half – but that would mean moving from a 1-bedroom to a 2-bedroom apartment. I’m tempted to move to a smaller city, perhaps in another state with a better environment for my health, but the cost of getting there and then having enough money to pay for the first month could be a problem. Likewise, I’ve heard that the apartment rent on Mars is very low, but the cost of getting there is more than I can afford.


Timeglass Journal is my primary and original WordPress blog/site. During the past 2 years I’ve created specialized blogs/sites…

The Lantern Journal for political issues has been the most active with most articles and most readers. A political disaster in Kansas could result in Democrats keeping control of the U.S. Senate. Failing to come up with good candidates and poor voter turnout could cost the Republicans everything in 2016. I’m an Independent voter who averages out to be Centrist.

I’ve made a few modifications to the Spiritual Universalist blog/site, but it does not require a lot of attention by me, nor by readers after having got the gist of it all. A religion that does not require physical participation, only spiritual participation. The primary religion of the world for physical participation is the worship of money, practiced with greed.

I’ve not been writing any new science fiction for a while. I might write more science fiction in the future. I’m planning to do more with The Merlin System for stories about the impact of a teleportation transportation system on human life here on Earth. Another project, The Ambassador to Earth, use a science fiction character to comment on real world events.


Comments are being discontinued here at Timeglass Journal under all Pages and under most (but not all) new posted articles. I’ve appreciated the good comments in the past by my usual readers. The recent problem has been a surge of new readers who are Internet trolls engaging in posting personal insults, which I have blocked but no longer have time to manage. Opposing views on issues have been acceptable, but not with personal insults.

Readers can still participate in any of the following ways…

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Thanks for reading this posting, and have a good day!

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